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Black Mirror - Now on Netflix (maybe mild spoilers)


Yeah. I read a review of Shut up and Dance today and it got a bit of a kicking. I thought that it did a good job of keeping things in motion, with a Hitchcockian premise.


Really? I thought Shut Up and Dance was the best episode. Although I did read criticisms of Playtest, and I really liked it. Perfect casting with Wyatt Russell. I liked all the game references - the mansion, Redfield, “Would you kindly.” The game developer was reminiscent of Kojima, and there’s loads more. Clever selection of games on the shelf to reflect Playlist’s storyline too.

Nosedive was really good, overall a great series, but I still haven’t seen all of San Junipero. I started to watch it far too late one night and I fell asleep for a while somewhere in the middle of it. The final episode reminded me of Nick Harkaway’s Angelmaker in places.


I thought it was really good as well. In fact, I didn’t think any of them were bad.


Great writing and some really good performances. The production values have improved with each season too. Jodie Foster is directing one of the next episodes. Will be interesting to see who else gets involved.



Black Mirror season 4 episodes:

Cast: Rosemarie Dewitt (La La Land, Mad Men), Brenna Harding (A Place to Call Home), Owen Teague (Bloodline)
Director: Jodie Foster
Written by: Charlie Brooker

“USS Callister”
Cast: Jesse Plemons (Black Mass, Fargo), Cristin Milioti (The Wolf of Wall Street, Fargo), Jimmi Simpson (Westworld, House of Cards), Michaela Coel (Chewing Gum, Monsters: Dark Continent)
Director: Toby Haynes (Dr Who, Sherlock)
Written By: Charlie Brooker & William Bridges

Cast: Andrea Riseborough (Birdman, Bloodline), Andrew Gower (Outlander), Kiran Sonia Sawar (Murdered By My Father)
Director: John Hillcoat (Triple Nine, Lawless)
Written By: Charlie Brooker

“Hang the DJ”
Cast: Georgina Campbell (Flowers, Broadchurch), Joe Cole (Peaky Blinders, Green Room), George Blagden (Versailles, Vikings)
Director: Tim Van Patten (The Sopranos, Game of Thrones)
Written By: Charlie Brooker

Cast: Maxine Peake (The Theory Of Everything, The Village), Jake Davies (The Missing, A Brilliant Young Mind), Clint Dyer (Hope Springs)
Director: David Slade (Hannibal, American Gods)
Written By: Charlie Brooker

“Black Museum”
Cast: Douglas Hodge (The Night Manager, Catastrophe), Letitia Wright (Humans, Ready Player One), Babs Olusanmokun (Roots, The Defenders)
Director: Colm McCarthy
Written By: Charlie Brooker


Soon better mean TODAY


That’s a pretty solid line up of talent in front of and behind the camera.



Just started the new season. Good stuff.


Finished USS Callister. That was enjoyable and dark.


Just finished Hang the DJ.
I think it’s probably the first time in a long while that a premise of an episode of Black Mirror has been thoroughly matched by its execution. At least for me and this current batch, which I’ve liked all of the premises and first acts of but they slowly didn’t do it for me. This one was the highlight.

  • Arkangel: Well that wasn’t creepy at all.
  • Crocodile: Guessed where it was going.

A really nice article on the behind thescenes of USS Callister (spoilers)


Arkangel was probably one of the best concepts let down by Lifetime Original Made-For-TV-Movie tier execution.


‘Black Mirror’ Hid A Couple A-List Cameos Aboard The ‘USS Callister’



Hang the DJ I thought was pretty excellent, with a ‘twist’ that was a bit stupid and cheesy, but with an actual ending that was perfect, and restrained, and beautiful.

Metalhead was a bit of nothing, I thought. Totally fine for what it was, but what it was was very little.


I thought that Metalhead would have benefited a lot by being much shorter.
Didn’t hate it, but glazed over.

Hang the DJ’s ending is pretty corny, but it’s internal consistency and openness to some interpretations with bite made it the all-star this season.


Yeah, I really enjoyed Hang the DJ, everything ELSE about it was so good that it’s a great ep, but the actual twist-resolution stuff (all of, what, 5 minutes, really?) was ungood. Not at all a dealbreaker. Even diamonds have imperfections.

ANd yeah. Metalhead was just an action-horror thing. Again, that’s fine, but I’m not exactly SHAKEN by it, and the big ‘insight into human nature’ scene (the very end) meant little. As you say, it’d have been a banging 5-10 minute short from the next Blomkamp (sp?) or whatever.


I thought the story wasn’t much, but it looked lovely.

My rankings for the season:

  1. USS Callister: Great fun, excellent cast, and a well-written story.
  2. Hang the DJ: Very well done, with great performances from the leads.
  3. Black Museum: The individual sub-stories were uneven, and the twist is obvious halfway through, but I enjoyed it.
  4. Metalhead: Different sort of episode, and the ending isn’t very good, but Slade’s direction makes it worth watching.
  5. Arkangel: A bit too obvious, but some good moments.
  6. Crocodile: Some interesting ideas, but not enough here for a full episode.


For me, I didn’t mind it because by there had been a scene before hand that was a complete parody about how Black Mirror episodes usually end, between the two, and I laughed because the twist bit really played with those expectations up til the reveal.

So it felt right in that sense.