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Black Mirror - Now on Netflix (maybe mild spoilers)


Btw, it seems that in some territories the order of the episodes is different, so I recommend putting the episode title before any spoilers.

Seen the first four, two more to go:

  • I enjoyed Nosedive, and we all know someone/did something/etc that would resonate with the content of the episode.
  • Playtest was ok, some nice references to games, including one to BioShock that made me smile.
  • Shut Up and Dance was creepy, although I guessed an aspect of it almost inmediately. And it is something not that far fetched, it could happen now.
  • San Junipero was enjoyable, really great production values, saw some things about it coming, and I am still digesting it.


I’m taking the advice of the thread and not binge watching the new series…

I have really nothing to add to your review. Bryce Dallas Howard was fantastic in this episode as a person mired pretense and falseness. I really enjoyed it.

Roll on episode 2.

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I’ve put you out of your misery.

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San Junipero was my favourite of the bunch, but it was also the least Black Mirror-y. Love both of the actresses, and they were used well.

Shut Up and Dance and Hated in the Nation weren’t bad, but they both felt like riffs on the same theme as White Bear, but not done as well.


I did chuckle when I finished Nosedive and the little Netflix rate this title button popped up.


Jesus, you all weren’t wrong about episode three (“Shut Up And Dance”) being bleak. Very good though.


I did not catch any of these Easter Eggs when I watched:


Episode four (“San Junipero”) was very nicely done - perhaps the first time ever in Black Mirror that I’ve felt more invested in the characters and the drama than in in the central idea of the episode. A lovely, simple story, well acted, with a smart and underplayed concept at its heart.


Episode five (“Men Against Fire”) wasn’t bad, and feels very pointed and relevant today, but I think it suffered a bit from its twists being quite obvious (or at least very guessable) from very early on in the story.

Once you had an idea of what was happening, it took quite a long time to go through the motions of actually explaining it all. A bit less of that and a bit more focus on the coda might have helped this to carry a bit more weight.


I’ve watched up to Episode 4 and it’s been my favorite so far. It did feel the least Black Mirror-y, but that’s fine. I thought it was a beautiful piece of storytelling. It’s up there with the first episode of Season 2 for me. Interestingly enough, both those episode deal largely with mortality and grief.

The other 3 episodes of Season 3 have been a bit mixed. I liked the first half of Episode 1, but kind of lost interest during the tail end. Play Test was fun, but felt kind of generic and obvious. Shut Up and Dance was interesting. The very end does change so much about how you view the rest of the episode.

I’ll finish up the series sometime this week probably.


“Bleak” doesn’t quite doesn’t quite do Shut Up and Dance justice. That was one dark ride.


Just watched San Junipero. I genuinely never expected to say that I thought an episode of Black Mirror was really sweet.


Episode six (“Hated In The Nation”) was ok, but possibly the weakest of the series, I thought. Partly because it was a bit overlong for what it was, partly because I thought the concept was a bit silly and didn’t really have a huge amount to say, and partly because it just took itself far too seriously.

Although that last point might be something to do with the fact that I loved Brooker’s work on the absurd but hilarious detective-drama spoof series A Touch Of Cloth, so seeing Black Mirror cover similar territory with a straight face just didn’t quite ring true.


Just watched it this afternoon. It had a lot of good things about it, but I agree that it could have done the same job in an hour. It had a good cast though.

For the run time, I think that they probably needed to go a bit more cinematic in scope to keep our interest.


Like Tim suggested upthread, I wouldn’t be surprised if it started out life as a standalone movie script and was repurposed as a Black Mirror episode.


I did really enjoy this series though. I think that San Junipero was my favourite episode this time out.

And I am looking forward to finding an excuse to watch the Christmas special again…(Mrs. Jones isn’t a fan of the show).


San Junipero and Nosedive were the standouts for me, with an honorable mention for Shut Up And Dance, I think.