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Black Mirror - Now on Netflix (maybe mild spoilers)


Black Mirror Season 3 is up on Netflix, so I will be watching that in a little bit.

What Are You Watching? Infinite Season

Black Mirror season three, episode one (“Nosedive”), is one of the finest pieces of TV I’ve seen in a long time. A perfect modern parable that makes great use of current technology (in this case, social media and its mechanisms of approval) but is actually about aspects of human nature and society that are far deeper and more universal.

It’s wonderfully uncomfortable watching for anyone who’s ever posted a message or image online and waited to see how others will react to it, but it also taps into far more complex issues of class, validation and personal worth. And at its heart it’s actually a brilliantly straightforward story built around a satisfyingly simple conceit.

Smartly and efficiently written, with movie-worthy direction and some great central performances: I loved it. If the rest of the new series is anywhere near this good, we’re in for a treat.


The whole series is brilliant.

Nosedive isnt even that good compared to whats next :smiley: :wink:

Let every episode sink in.


That’s why I’m not binge-watching them. :wink:


Im not binge - watching…

Im leisurely pacing myself throughout the day so I dont get too pished watching…


I watched the first 3 episodes of Black Mirror series 3. It’s as good as ever.

Episode 3 is really dark though, I think I need a break. :smile:


Episode 3, for me, was the stand out.

They’re all very, very good. The last episode feels like, at one point, it was meant to be a film.

I only have a partial criticism against one episode, because it sort of repeats a technological theme that had been used prior.


I think the third episode is my favourite. That ending is a real gut punch and really changes how you look at the whole episode.


Black Mirror season three, episode two (“Playtest”), was enjoyable, with a decent central performance, but as a whole it didn’t quite work for me.

Partly I don’t think it used its main concept to really say anything - it felt like more of a Twilight Zone-esque twisty thriller, which is fine but fairly shallow - and partly I think it struggled to overcome the problem that’s often faced by stories that play with artificial realities - it makes it difficult for the viewer to really buy into anything as they’re just waiting for the next twist or reveal. Plus, it felt like there were lots of red herrings and loose plot threads that didn’t really go anywhere.

After Tim, Gar and Ian’s comments I’m looking forward to episode three though.


I liked Playtest.

I thought the performance really sold it.


I didn’t dislike it, and like I say I thought the performance was good (particularly as it got into the territory towards the end). I just felt like the story was a bit thin - essentially the ending makes the whole thing just a simple, dark joke.


Thats a pretty common approach for Black Mirror though.


I don’t think that’s true, really. The majority of episodes have had something deeper to say about human nature, or at least the social effects of technology. I don’t think this did.

I don’t want to artificially amplify my criticism by making a big deal of it, because it was a perfectly entertaining hour of television with some interesting ideas and some fun moments. I just don’t feel like it really went anywhere.



I thought it was an examination of fear.


Your face is an examination of fear.




… dont you think I know…


I’m with Dave on this one. I am 4 episodes in, loved them all but Playtest was my least favourite.

I think it hinted at more complexity with his background that didn’t really come to any great fruition. I put spoilers in the title but as this is binge watch TV I’ll still hide this bit unlike episode 3 which does the opposite and works better as a result


Thanks for the spoiler-tags, I think it makes sense to keep using them given the Netflix model.

I think I’m going to have to jump on to episode three tonight. Even though I watch plenty of Netflix shows, it’s not often that I watch one episode after the other in quick succession (I’m still only halfway through Stranger Things and have barely started Luke Cage, for example). But this show is so good that it’s hard to pace myself with it!


Yeah I failed yesterday, after saying I needed that break after episode 3 I watched another one. :smile:


For the record the episode I thought was the worst of the bunch was ep 5.

Ill be curious to see if those who didnt respond to Playtest like that better or worse