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Bill Sienkiewicz covers Jupiter's Circle 2 #1 - He really does!


Here’s a peek at his cover rough for the first issue of the second volume, out a month after October’s trade collecting issues 1-6 of this fine series. BTW, you will lose your God-forsaken mind over Wilfredo’s art in issue 6 for the series 1 finale. Once he’s finished this entire project (12 issues) I’m snagging him for something else. I’ve totally fallen in love with this guy.


I love that even his thumbnails are framed with a scratchy Sienkiewicz border. Looking forward to seeing the final pic!


Wow, great get.


I can’t wait to see that fully rendered. Wilfredo does seem like a super nice guy. I’m enjoying his art. Glad everything is working out so well with the collaboration.



how amazing is THIS?!?!?!!??!



394% amazing.

Congrats on getting the best in the biz!