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Recently I reached out to fellow indie writers to see who might be interested in working with me on existing titles (for my work, visit The response was overwhelming and I’m happy to say titles are continuing with several writers taking over the reins from where the first stories leave off and with loose plots to work from: The “Marvel Method” for writers. So thanks:

Alan McMillian - Bang: First free story coming very soon on:

Bill McCormick - Pestilent:…/Pestilent_01_LR.pdf…

Zack Roberts: After:…

C.L. Bedell - Pray: First free story coming very soon.

Lou Frontier/Michel Nabarus Marietta - Prey:…/prey_00_light_web_boards.pdf…

Writer TBA - Behemoth: First free story coming very soon.

ONE DAY: Open to any writer to write one short story chapter. Interested in hearing more, then let me know and I’ll send you details or check out my August 7th post on my Facebook page ( Here is the first chapter of this story:

Along with writers helping GEE Comics find a foothold in the indie community, several illustrators (Andy Simpson, Keenan Dailey, Warren Belfield, Ipung Hadi Purjono, Christian Forst, and Scott Sackett), also expressed interest in working on something. I had a couple of ideas to pursue, but in the end I figured SUPER ZOMBIES is a simple concept that would be fun to illustrate for most. To get things started, the talented Elton Thomasi (who will continue on Bang) illustrated the first story of a planned two short story comic arc. Luis Morocho colored (Angel Colorist Lidon colored the cover), and Michel Nabarus Marietta lettered. You can read it here:

“Super powered Zombies fighting the American military and who would win?” is the general PLOT to work from (we’re doing the Marvel Method again!). This is open to any artist interested, and the main objective here is to just have fun. I will post all completed work on my website:

Note: there is no set page count that artists have to adhere to. If you need more direction, just let me know. I’m not here to make money with this. This is more about promoting mine and your work. If I was looking to cash in, this would be paid work and I wouldn’t open the story up as I have. I have to stress, this is for FUN for any artist looking to show-off their skills.

PLOT: New York City has turned into a city of super powered Zombies. The military throws everything they have at it to keep it contained. It’s an all out battle. Only one side wins: You decide.


Hey there Big Willy. We adjusted your subject a little so it doesn’t clash with the upcoming MW talent search.


Ya, I noticed. Makes sense. Hopefully I hear from as many creator’s as Mark will…


And I’m looking for artists.


I’m going to read through everything and submit a one day story.


I’m also probably gonna take a crack at a one day story. I’m still gonna go through the first chapter. :smile:


The One Day concept is very cool, I’d love to write one and send it your way for consideration. Thanks for doing this!


So happy to hear this re One Day. I truly believe this can be a lot of fun for writers to work on together.


The One Day project is an amazing opportunity. Its a chance to work with other incredibly talented up-and-comers without restricting the creativity.