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Biggest news ever - Netflix Buys Millarworld!! :)


Looks like GQ is getting in on the action too.


.@Mark_Millar, which Millarworld title would you most like to see adapted by Netflix first?


Netflix is in use of a big hit original show right about now, especially coming off of the Disney news. If their recent seasons were anything to by then House of Cards and Orange is the New Black are fast running out of steam. The Marvel shows are fine for reaching a certain audience but they won’t get any wider buzz unless they can fulfill the promise of Daredevil season one (would Millar be able to helm these shows going forward?). Stranger Things was hot but the premise seems destined to diminish interest if it is dragged out for several seasons. Sense8 has been and gone. Arrested Development may return in the future but it is still yesterday’s news.

So, yes, certainly perfect timing for Millarworld to step in!


Not sure what the status of it is, but I would kill for a Chrononauts miniseries (8 eps).


And now, the wait for the inevitable Jupiter’s Legacy adaptation begins…


The great thing about Chrononauts is the possibilities are limitless. It can be a continuing show easily.


Yeah agreed. We said that when it was one of the annual competition strips. It was a great one to choose because you could basically write about anything.

It’s one of the reasons Doctor Who has carried on for 50+ years, when you have all of time at your disposal there’s no excuse to ever run out of ideas.


I got to say this is awesome news. I honestly think this will lead to some great Television / Movies, considering that Disney now wants to form their own streaming service. This will greatly help Netflix and Millarworld.

I can’t wait to see some Millarworld titles adapted on screen.


We speculated on similar moves.

It’s awesome these comics guys are at the heart of a TV bidding battle. It’s where the ideas are.


Could this mean we might finally get an adaptation of “Invincible”?


From the article:

In features, Kirkman will produce Invincible based on his long-running comic book. The project will be written, directed and produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg for Universal Pictures.


Seth and Evan are really getting behind lots of comic properties - their business expansion is pretty impressive. They’re set to become major Hollywood players over the next decade.


They really are genuine fans, something missing in previous decades, I wish all comics guys the best.


The Financial Times even tracked down Mark’s English teacher from grade school for a quote.


I hear Danny Donovan is getting his resume in order…





da burn!


Utter speculation but I can’t wait to see what Netflix does with the Millarworld properties with Huck being one of the big ones.


Can Netflix afford Channing Tatum?


They can!


Great news! Let the speculative casting threads commence!