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Biggest news ever - Netflix Buys Millarworld!! :)


Yeah of course, Netflix are content creators and a streaming platform. The platform side would not be affected by this kind of deal.


Many congrats Mark.

Hope this forum will continue.

As Ted Sarandos said: “Mark is as close as you can get to a modern day Stan Lee”

Does that mean you will be contracted to do cameos? :slight_smile:


Moreover, what about this forum :smile:


You will from next week need to subscribe to Netflix to access the forum.

I’m just messing with you.

More coverage:


And here I was wondering if being members of Millarworld would give us a discount for Netflix!


Congrats Mark! This really is exciting!
But with all the good news… I hope you don’t get to far away from creating Comicbooks!?


So… Millar Netflix goats?


I admit a bit of jealousy…


Not funny!


Just saw Disney stock filing - they are ending streaming on Netflix.
THIS is why Netflix bought Millarworld!! GENIUS!! They will make enough Millarworld content to replace all the Marvel content. And maybe make Millarworld as BIG as MARVEL one day!!!


Millar has always been better than Disney. Don’t make me go all psychosocial, but even his over-the-top stuff is not as insidious as some Dizzy.

Bring the Starlight!


And talk about good company! Dizzy out, and look who’s coming!


great news Mr Mark


Congats tot you ánd your wife. Great news for all.


This is amazing!


Never really liked the original comic. Just too many unlikeable characters.

Plus, it doesn’t have this:


Congratulations Mark. I can think of no one in the comic industry more suited to a deal such as this.


On Radio X on The Johnny Vaughn Thang they’ve been singing @Mark_Millar’s praises all afternoon very loudly in a very genuine fashion. As a regular listener to it I couldn’t keep the smile off my face and educated everyone in the car with me on Millarworld in general and on this place.

I’m pretty sure their website streams programming anytime if any one wants to listen.


You act as if movie and show adaptations of comics stay devout to the source content. :wink:


I thought I heard that but my boys were being particularly loud and it muffled most of the radio sound.