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Biggest news ever - Netflix Buys Millarworld!! :)


Yo, if some lot can bringeth Inhumans to IMAX, there be no stumblingblock to the Millar! What he hath wrought will appear as approppriateth and meet to contractual obigesse!


Well… I dunno, they’re both very different cases, I reckon.

Also… Kick-Ass and Kingsmen not being part of the deal, for obvious reasons… but what about Wanted?


Given any opportunity whatsoever for Mark to spin out a long and convoluted discussion by not telling us anything but nevertheless dropping tasty, tasty breadcrumbs, do you think he would not take the opportunity and run with it?

One must appreciate thinking in the long term!


Congratulations Mark. Netflix definitely feel like where a lot of the entertainment buzz comes from these day’s. So it’s a big get to have them on side.


Mark!!! So thrilled for you! Congratulations!!! I wish you the absolute best!!!


Caught this on Twitter earlier today- congratulations.




Well, This is awesome.


Congratulations! This is going to bring massive exposure to Millarworld. Netflix has built up interest for something like this with its Defenders initiative (heh). With all the movies that have already resulted from Mark’s comics, a deal like this was kind of a no-brainer. He’s the new Alan Moore, the new Stephen King, the new Philip K. Dick. His material will be filmed for years to come. Proud to be a tiny, tiny part of his community of supporters.


I’ve been debating whether or not to join Netflix, you just clinched it! :slight_smile: Congratulations Mark, can’t wait to see a Super Crooks series. :wink: :+1:


Congratulations, Mr. Millar, well deserved…

My question is do you and your artists still own these characters and its rights?? How does the deal work??

I dont know details of the deal

Congrats again I wanna watch tv series or movirs of Superior and Jupiter Leg and Jupiter Circ and more Superior stories…


Congratulations, what amazing news!!


Wow. Does it mean we’ll get Kick Ass series? Can’t wait to see that happen? Oh, and Kingsman too.


Kick-Ass and Kingsman have their pre-existing deals and two films each already, they won’t be on Netflix anytime soon.


They might still appear on other channels in the future. Soon we could be facing 24/7 Millar TV!:grimacing:


Oh my god. When I put on my “They Live” sunglasses every billboard will be Millar making snow angels in piles of cash.


But … but …

we’re on !


Congrats Chief. :smile:


Congrats, Mark. Happy for you, and excited to see what the future will bring!


Actually, I see Wanted & Kickass 1 on Netflix, so they are there even though not part of the deal… I suppose those depend on the distributors deals with Netflix.