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Biggest news ever - Netflix Buys Millarworld!! :)


Well, now. This explains so much! I certainly expect big things from “Mark Millar’s NetFlix”! I expect you and Lucy to quietly take over. You might wait until they pay off some of that $20B current investment (some idiots called it “debt”, not exactly financial wizards) to really cash in, but, hey. comic fans are patient.

Mark, you have absolutely no idea how delighted i am about this. Better fit than HBO/Sho/Max, and paeans to Heaven that it was not Universal or Sony! Now I want to encourage you to do the Hitchcock thing. Introductions and recaps (cameos per director)! Thirty seconds or so, and be very Scot. Just tags, sort of what Dan and Dave do on Inside the Thrones; only to point out if/what interconnections there are to the stories. What’s the connect between Reborn and Huck? Or Nemesis and Wanted (the unfilmed version). How many times can they show Kingsmen?

And, of course, we must animate you. That will, of course, lead to the animation of all classic MWers, and finally we can replace long-running Simpsons. We are much funnier.


Now that all the properties are under one producer, maybe that crossover Mark talked about some time ago can finally happen :wink:


Huge congrats Millarworld! Keep making great books!


One thing to note. Like when Marvel was bought by Disney some of the MW properties are already licensed out. It will not be as simple as Netflix can produce Kick Ass or Kingsman material. Even when you buy up the entire company contracts are still contracts.


I remember the idea for a crossover Mark had only involved Starlight, Chrononauts, Empress and Superior, I think. It can be totally done.


This is fantastic news. Love everything from Millarworld, and can’t wait to see how it’s adapted.


Looks like a lot of major news outlets are picking up the story.


It’ll take a few days to sink in just how big a deal this is. It could change the comic industry as we know it. Or it may not change it at all. It’s really down to Netflix plans.


Netflix are only just getting started. I expect this to be the first of many such deals.

Millarworld will be making the kind of content that attract subscribers and it’ll be theirs.

How that affects comics remains to be seen, but I expect them to encourage that side of the company, even if, to them, it’s just a way of testing new ideas on the market for less than the cost of a TV series or movie.


It’s always been a cheap testing ground. An average TV pilot costs a million bucks, you can make a comic at very professional levels for a few grand. If you think how many pilots get junked and never even shown and how many comics have spawned successful TV and movies (and remember Netflix make or finance films now) it may be a very sensible option.


Ooh yeah! I hadn’t even thought of Netflix as making movies too. Maybe the Jupiter’s saga can be told right! (A trilogy for Legacy and a show for Circle)

I guess I’m never cancelling my subscription now.


The sales of a comic don’t always relate to the market interest so it’s not about testing market adoption. A low or no selling comics can become a huge smash. I think comics are simply a great creative outlet, letting talented people just go wild with their ideas and coming up with magic. They’re a great way of helping entertainment folks understand how a property could appear in another space, even if they’re heavily adapted (like Preacher).


Absolutely, just look at Men In Black. A comic even most of us fans didn’t know existed.

It’s not so much a popularity test, no comic has a big enough reach to compare with TV and the best sellers are Batman and Star Wars. It’s a proof of concept and that’s no different really to a pilot, usually nobody sees them apart from execs.


Great news captain. Though I don’t know you, I like your work. Keep them faithful!


YES!!! This is amazing!!! Jupiter’s Circle and Legacy are perfect for Netflix.


With the news popping everywhere the emerging question seems to be: With what has been done, will there be a NetFlix version of Wanted, the Millar/JGJones one? I shall leave the question moot, as I am aware negotiations have just begun. It would be nice.


I’d have to imagine that if they get those rights, with all of the superhero intrigue these days, a series or movie that fits closer to the original content with a secret society of Villains will be a lot more intriguing.


Congratulations Chief. Way to keep pushing the market forward. You are seriously a force in the comics business with your desire to innovate. :tada:


That’s so Awesome! so happy for everyone at Millarworld! hard work pays off!


Nice… but wait what does this mean for future theatrical releases?