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Biggest news ever - Netflix Buys Millarworld!! :)


This is incredible news and I am looking forward to all the great shows and movies to be made. Hopefully Nemesis will be a front runner as a series. Congratulations Millarworld!


Congratulations, Mark! So excited for you and the road ahead.


Such great news, can’t wait to see what the Millarworld/Netflix collaboration is going to bring us first. Whatever it is going to be I look forward to it with anticipation. Congratulations Mark, Lucy, Rachael & all the rest of the writers, artists, letterers, colourists, editors & anyone else I may have forgotten


Mark, this is truly amazing news indeed! And what a beautifully written, infectiously enthusiastic update! I’m sure I speak for this entire community when I say, a very heartfelt congratulations to you, sir. We fans eagerly look forward to what this fruitful partnership will bring.


Congratulations, Chief!




Congrats Mark! This is pretty rad.


Talk about BIG. Congrats Mark!




Wow, that’s insane news. Incredible. Congratulations, Mark - you’ve earned this by working very hard towards it, and it’s amazing to see this happening for a creator-owned comics label. And enjoy the money baths! :wink:


What a twist!

Congratumulations, Mark!


Congratulations Team Millarworld! This sounds like a win-win-win situation. :champagne:


Wow! This is huge! It’ll be very interesting to see what comes from this. Looking forward to hearing off all the developments!


I can’t take all the credit for a Mark’ success, but…I’m gonna try.


Spotted the story on the BBC website:


Congratz Mark!


Jeez BBC, a simple google would mean you wouldn’t have to attribute that headline lead information as a quote.


This is pretty amazing news!! Congratulations to Mark and to everyone else poised to benefit from this major change to the status quo!


This is MASSIVE. The fact that Netflix’s first buy was a comic property is a sign that Geeks officially rule pop culture. There’s no going back.

Really looking forward to all the Millarworld content that’s going to spring from this. This is infinitely better than waiting for those movie pitches that never seemed to come to fruition.


Wow that’s huge.

Congratulations Mark.

I’ll be keen to see how this turns out and also the plans on Coatbridge. Is nice to see someone paying it back to the local community in Scotland, a lot places really need it.