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Biggest news ever - Netflix Buys Millarworld!! :)


It has a Quantum Leap vibe that would work well with standalone episodes with an over-arcing story.


Here is what MM wrote a couple of years ago.


My next move would be to start assembling a core cast. Something what like Hammer Films did (with better contracts, I should hope) through Harry Potter. Core cast and bit players, giving a sense of identity and familiarity to MW-branded projects. Not clumsily like Sif on SHIELD or summat, The best tropes and taglines and such seem to come organically, mostly during the shakedowns of cast and rehearsals and scripts and lots and lots of changes. Most needed is someone with a good ear for this sort of thing. (Not a separate job or anything, just an awareness of what to listen for. What’s funny? Funny-once? Outright catchy? Dumber than dirt?)

Then use the actor folks to tell stories.


You’re a madman Miqque.
But damn it if you don’t get results.


That’s a good rundown of it. However I’m pretty sure Supercrooks is a comic title seen along with War Heroes in a panel next to Hit-Girl.



Mark is, once again, absolutely correct.


Now that Millarworld is part of a larger company will we see more merchandise? I assume Netflix will redesign things to promote the network like AMC does with WD merch.
This will have to go out of circulation, to be used only when a Millarworld show is premiering! :wink: