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Biggest news ever - Netflix Buys Millarworld!! :)


They can!


Great news! Let the speculative casting threads commence!


Once again, I know these threads are utter speculation but I kind of love how they are celebrating Mark’s catalog.


Those would pretty much be my top five. In light of production difficulty probably start with Superior, to introduce a new tone.


More from Hollywood Reporter.


Dude! Fix your tie!


Does anyone know if Netflix is planning on making comics of their franchises? Or is the plan to just take Millerworld IPs and launch them as shows? I’ve seen a trend in companies trying to get in the IP market, it’s all about content for them.

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Hey @Mark_Millar! Looks like there is work afoot already to make for Oscar contention for NetFlix films. And, who, may I ask, has just brilliantly positioned his company? Oh, so very good, Mark! I brought you up well! :laughing:



I wonder what show that will be.


Could be Jupiter’s Legacy
I want Huck the most though. Then again I’m not sure if I want a Huck movie or a Huck series…
Either way looking forward to the announcement later this month.


We all know it’s going to be MPH.


You know nothing Tom Punk.


GAH! thanks Jim… Now I have a image of Jim as Ygritte looking longingly into Tom/Jon Show’s eyes. So I will now share it with the rest of you.


All I have is a pretty good hunch as to what it won’t be!


Chosen/American Jesus would be a good concept for a streaming kind of series. It would fit right in with the more out there shows like Preacher and American Gods as well as the more straightforward supernatural shows like Supernatural and Lucifer. Preacher is the best example though, and there kinda is a bigger home audience for supernatural thriller dramas (Stranger Things, too) than superheroes.

Chosen is still one of my favorite Millar series.


MPH would be great, especially in the current political climate, but Nemesis… come on NEMESIS!!


Remember the article linked to does say:

the Millarworld deal calls for Millar to continue to create new stories and characters under the company’s label

It could be ‘none of the above’. :smile:


Personally, I just don’t think many of Millar’s blockbuster series like Wanted, Nemesis, Jupiter’s Legacy and even Huck would look very good on television. Even shows like The Flash and Agents of SHIELD look cheap when it comes to the effects. Huck probably could pull it off, but Nemesis would probably be a lot scaled down.

Hit Girl, Chosen, maybe Chrononauts, I think they could pull it off at least as well as The Tick, Stranger Things or The Expanse.


The story above omitted the follow-up tweet.