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Big, thoughtful piece on Huck #1



I’ve already read the issue but I can’t wait to pick up Huck #1 at my LCS tomorrow. I’ve already told my wife that she need to read it too. I think she will enjoy it that much.

I grew up in a town full of developmentally disabled people. There is a state mental facility in town and they only keep the most severely disabled people. The rest are released to live in assisted living and group homes in the community. So I had these wonderful people all around me. They went to church with me. They came to my little league games. They were at Dairy Queen when I would go eat with my family. My life was blessed by their presence. It’s only fitting that such super people should have their own superhero.

It really makes me miss my buddy, Teddy. I’ll have to post a picture sometime. Teddy grew up in institutions. His mother was developmentally disabled and so was he. He was one of the kindest, sweetest people I’ve ever known. I’m never quite sure how old Teddy is. I think he is older than my parents but his heart and mind was always that of a child and that wasn’t a bad thing.

Thanks for writing this Chief. I hope there are people like Teddy who will read this and see themselves.


Thanks, brother.



As promised, here’s a picture of me and Teddy from some years ago (looks like maybe 2003). His dream job was always to push carts at Walmart.