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Big Millarworld cosplay competition


Hi Guys,

I trailered this a few weeks back when we announced the writers and artists for July’s big annual. It’s hugely exciting.

As you know, we’ve been running Millarworld cosplay and fan-art in the back of the books, but this is changing going forward. Next week we announce a new and very cool big cosplay thing that’s going to replace that so please hold off on any cosplay being sent in until you hear the details of that. Likewise, hold off on the fan art for now until I explain what we’re doing here later. Any and all fan-art can still be posted on the forums here itself though, of course, as there’s nothing I like more.

Cosplayers stay tuned for all this. It’s going to be great and a terrific opportunity. More next Wednesday!



The same day the JC2 #3 comes out? Wednesday just got better! :sunglasses: :thumbsup:


I am SO ready for this! Very excited to hear the details! :smiley:


Pssst…it’s Wednesday, again. :wink: