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Big Dumb Lists: Comics That Rocked Me in 2016 (including Huck and Reborn)


Greetings, forum. I promise to refrain from self-promotion in the future and stick to interaction only. However, I am so stoked about the Huck and Reborn series I wanted to share this post I wrote at my page flagging comics that rocked me in 2016. Thanks for your time if you visit.



“Big Dumb Lists: Comics That Rocked Me in 2016” at Confessions of an Old School Comics Nerd


Haven’t really bothered with any of Rebirth yet but this has me a bit more tempted to give Wonder Woman a go. I do like a bit of Rucka


Rucka’s killing it on Wonder Woman. While it’s all a familiar retelling, he takes a different approach and the swapped dual story lines has worked rather well. The artwork has been among the best of anyone this year. Hope you like it if you dig in to the book. Thanks for dropping by my page! Thanks also for the likes, Tom, Todd and David! Appreciate you taking the time.


I have to catch up on so many Marvel/DC books but Huck, Saga, and Bitch Planet are really great and refreshing ones I can agree with on the list. I’ve heard good things about everything, really! Need to get my hands on Moon Knight.


Oh, man, Bitch Planet’s on fire, ditto for Moon Knight. These past two volumes have been unreal and Lemire is KILLING IT right now, whew. Thanks for visiting!