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Big Daddy Hit-Girl Fan films


We’re close to finishing the exterior scenes for this thankfully. The weather is getting cool and although the story takes place in autumn, we don’t want snow! One of the problems with doing an urban story in a rural setting is finding suitable locations, as well as what you can do in public without attracting undo attention. :wink: We went to four towns in the area and couldn’t find a proper location that was filmable for our purposes. So I had to make one. :sunglasses:


We move to interior filming after Thanksgiving weekend, I had a hold up filming some scenes with my truck after it got smashed. Luckily I know somebody with the same year and model, the interiors matched so I was able to use it as a double. One more scene to film and we’ll have all the Mindy/Damon shots for both films complete! I can finally cut my hair and lose the stache! :sunglasses:
Have you ever looked in the mirror and seen somebody else looking back? :wink:


I scripted a loose adaptation of one of our scenes for the talent search, since it didn’t get picked I was going to post it in the thread for unused scripts. However I’ve been urged to post the fan film scene instead. I didn’t have time to cut together a proper Christmas trailer and since Mark didn’t get a video up for the Talent Search let this scratch your itch for a Millaresque video. :wink:
Happy Boxing Day folks, for a limited time only, a Sneak Peek!


That is so awesome. Great music too.

I love that you used the actual dumpster where deleted posts here go.


Very cool.

How did you decide on your Millarworld Annual entry?

I’ve been down with the flu the last few days, but still managed to get the Hit-Girl Mobile painted up! Just needs the hubcaps back on, rack brushed black and the decals applied. This was the 1st car my wife and I bought new (back in 1996), it’s been sitting for 1 1/2 years but some fresh gas and a jumpstart got her purring again.

This will be used in a stand-alone HG movie that takes place after Kick-Ass 2.
I just found out I have a Mac with AV/FX programs waiting for me when we get to Seattle in April, so I’m not going to do any editing until we get there, but we’ll have 3 complete fan-films shot when we head that way. :slight_smile:
Move over Civil War, there’s another Superhero Saga for summer 2016! :sunglasses: :thumbsup:


This is coming soon:


Full movie:

3 down, 1 to go! :wink:


The original fan film has been muted due to the opening song, re-edited with royalty free music in the opening.

Alternatively on Vimeo:


So this project has wrapped! Just as Matt and Mark are talking about a Hit-Girl reboot, perfect timing. :slight_smile:
The last Big Daddy & Hit-Girl fan film: Final Mission


Picking up at the end of Kick-Ass 2: HIT-N-RUN