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Like T-Swift says,

I thought it was really great seeing your family all enjoying something together. In the short time I got to spend with your family, Amber seemed very pleasant and well adjusted. Some people just feel that their opinions on your life need to be heard. That doesn’t mean they count.


It’s your first, after how many people have said positive things and been really delighted to see you guys? It’s only 1, it doesn’t matter and it doesn’t even seem to be about you, rather it’s someone who’s just against the subject matter. There’s a light in Amber’s eyes when she gets to be Hit Girl, that’s something most Dad’s would kill for. You should be really proud and you’re going to be looking back on this time fondly for decades to come.


Anyone who questions my parenting fills me with Hulk-style rage (and my wife much, much moreso) so I get where you are coming from BD.


Thanks guys, I was prepared for some negative feedback when we did the 1st one and was pleasantly surprised that I’ve never had to reject a comment on our channel. It was a bit shocking to get that kind of reaction in person, but apparently even seeing a police officer with a gun on their hip is disturbing to this person, obviously not an opinion to be taken too seriously. :wink:

That’s what it’s all about! :sunglasses::thumbsup:


Yesterday we did some very exciting filming at a great location, it’s a short pre-title sequence that stars Hit-Girl on her own. The comic/storyboard I drew for it is 4 pages long, so I am being urged by my family to write it up as a traditional comic script and submit it for the contest. I’m not sure if I will do that since there are already over 12,000 entries, (who is going to read all those! :wink: )
I wasn’t going to post any shots from this project until it was “in the can” (I know, there is NO can, but I still use the phrase all the time) but it was too much fun to not post a couple of stills at least.
Steve and I have been best friends since 1980 or so, this is the 1st time I’ve been able to get him to appear on film, he drove 300 miles round trip just to do this shoot for us. :sunglasses: :thumbsup:
He looked every inch the Gangster, the entire outfit with lizard skin boots cost me $3 at the resale shop! :slight_smile:


Amazing as ever.


Thanks Robert!


I love the gun in the cookie box and representing the Girl Scouts as the paramilitary organization they are. :wink:

You should totally enter the annual contest. Also, that’s 12,000 inquiries. There are no entries yet. I think we will get a huge response but not everyone is going to put in the time. Even if you don’t win this year, it would still be awesome to have been a part of and you could always hone your skill and try again next year. I was considering entering myself with the mindset that I would next to zero chance if the writing submissions are anywhere near as good as the art submissions.


I hadn’t considered that GS cookies aren’t available all year, so I had to make them using various boxes that were “about” the right size and shape. :wink:


That’s a fly looking jacket!

And yes, enter your script. You never know what could happen.


You could probably just do yours as a photo comic using what you’ve already got.


I had actually thought that very thing. I’m still waiting to see the original Fumetti pictures from the Chief’s 1985.


Check out this gallery Ronnie:


Thanks, Dave. Those are great but that would have been a very different book.


Yes, I can see why they didn’t go ahead with it. Interesting idea though.


The jacket was given to me years ago to cut up for the leather, glad I never did it! It will likely be taken apart for a Halloween costume in a few weeks.


I haven’t read 1985 yet but that looks interesting. :sunglasses:


You should put it next on your list of Millar books to read. The story didn’t change but the ended up going a different direction with the art. It’s very good.


A lot of people rate 1985 as one of their favourite Millar books. It’s a really nice story and also contains some links to his Fantastic Four run and Old Man Logan.


Oh man, awesome job you’re doing here!