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Big Daddy Hit-Girl Fan films


I’ve been working on a series of fan films with my wife and daughter about Big Daddy and Hit-Girl before they met Kick-Ass (been filming since 2013!). The story I came up with is a prequel to the “film” universe rather than the book. However I’m not a writer, artist or film maker of any kind, carpentry and farming are my professions. So I find myself drawing a comic book (badly) and then writing the dialogue to go with the drawings. I’m curious if comic adaptations commonly use the book as storyboards? I know in KA it obviously was done in many places, and it worked stunningly well.
Because my drawings are crap, after we finish a film, I pull screenshots from it, add speech bubbles and “sound effects” , then print it up in comic book form.
Cover for our 1st story

I haven’t done a “cover” for the second film “Reluctant Donor” yet, just finished the screen shots for it…

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Often it’s clear that movie adaptations have modelled shots on key images from the comics they’re based on. Sometimes they go further than that and produce ultra-faithful reproductions of entire scenes from the books (think Sin City or Watchmen). But sometimes, what works in a comic doesn’t work on screen, and things are changed, especially if the story has been substantially altered from the source material (as with lots of fairly loose adaptations).

It’s always interesting to see filmmakers adapt a book for the screen, and to see what works on film and what doesn’t.


I think it’s absolutely awesome that you do this with your daughter. Do you guys have a website where we could see more?


Thanks Jim, we have our stuff posted on our youtube channel, parts 1 and 2 are up as well as a few trailers and costume/set building videos. Keep in mind we are just fans having fun, using Windows Movie Maker Live and MS paint for editing. We don’t have any FX software so all of our shots have to be filmed live with practical effects. The comic for KICK-START was printed to use as a cross fade into the opening scene, but I haven’t posted the pages online.
This is the trailer for KICK-START (1)

and the teaser for RELUCTANT DONOR (2)

PS I had NO idea Mark would ever consider making a Hit-Girl prequel when we started this :slight_smile:


These are a couple stills from making part 1

This is the comic I used as a crossfade into the story, at that point I had only printed the 1st page so the rest of the book was filled out with my Punisher #2 (#1 was destroyed by my dog around 1996 :smile:

I printed a new cover after we filmed because I thought my daughter deserved to be on the front of her own comic :wink:

But I have to say that piece of art from the actual film is my favorite image of Big Daddy & Hit-Girl! :heart:

These are a couple short videos of how the costumes came together

Thanks for checking it out!


Stills from making part 2

This one is not from the film but shows Night Bitch’s costume, which hasn’t appeared in our fan films…yet :wink:


Holy crap.

That is amazing. And looks like a lot of fun.

You are one awesome dad!


Thanks! :smile: It’s more fun than I thought it would be, and surprised at how many friends and family were up for getting involved. I’m just finishing the animatic for part 4, hoping we can start filming 3 and 4 back to back in June and be finished by September.




Posting here to re-remind myself to remind Mark to look at this.


Love this to bits. Going to send it to the rest of the movie team.



WOW, Thanks Chief! That’s like a thumbs-up from Jerry Siegel. :slight_smile: Superman was the 1st Superhero I read and pretended to be as a kid, for my daughter it is Hit-Girl.


Took some pretty cool pictures while wandering around town on FCBD


I posted this in the video thread but forgot to put it here. :wink:


Love these!



I finally got a cover shot for the 2nd story

and a couple others as long as we were at it

The dumpster is leased, so I have no idea how the driver will react when he comes to empty it next time! :wink:


Our latest project details the events that happened to Tre (“I never said BATMAN!!”) before his meeting with Frank at the lumber yard. I’m not posting any stills or footage until the whole thing is done but these are a few of the story boards. They are drawn at 2 1/2" H x 3 1/2" W with pencil and then scanned. I mostly do basic stick figures, just to represent where every one is in a shot, but some shots I put a little effort into.


This past week we had our 1st negative reaction to our BD & HG project. We’ve had feed back on how to improve film making, sets, editing, etc. I welcome criticism of any kind as long as it is delivered with tact. This was more based on the content of the project. Our parenting methods were called into question because of the violence, language and putting our daughter into dangerous situations. This is somebody we have known for a few years and gave this opinion in person rather than online. We purposefully didn’t share this project with them because we are aware that they abhor violence and firearms, but word gets around a small town and apparently curiosity got the better of them after we bumped into each other while we were in costume on FCBD.
The level of violence is no greater than prime-time TV and the language is all PG, even when HG swears it gets bleeped! (for the record she does NOT really drop the F-bomb :wink: ) I guess maybe “son of a bitch” and “dumb ass” are a bit heavy for a kid but that’s what acting is. Obviously that’s how the character behaves and speaks, not the actress/actor. The fact that somebody who actually knows us believes that my daughter was in “dangerous situations” is rather complimentary! :sunglasses: We would never endanger our kid, and she wouldn’t do anything she wasn’t comfortable with but if you show all the safety precautions and equipment in place it kind of defeats the purpose. :wink: Once we finish I might cut together a making-of video, but for now I like the illusion of the story. Amber was 11 when we started part 1, hadn’t read the comics and only seen the movie in an edited form. She’ll be 13 in two days, has now seen both movies uncut, and read all the books so the last 2 parts of the series (in production!) are leaning into the R-rating category, for both violence and language (although I might end up bleeping things for youtube).
The last thing you want to tell a teenager is “you’re not old enough”, it just makes the envelope edges get pushed. :wink:
After typing all that (sorry, bit of a rant there) I realized I never posted the full vids here!
So here they are…WARNING if you are a weak-kneed lily-livered pansy who is easily offended then these are not for you (and you are on the wrong forum :wink: )
Part 1: Kick-Start

Part 2: Reluctant Donor


Screw them AJ, you’re her father, clearly care deeply for her and know her limits.

As she gets older you are adjusting what she gets exposed to. We need to be careful with kids but that’s done by being properly responsible and not relying on ratings classification boards to advise (which to me are a joke as they nowadays just shove everything into this PG-13, or 12 across the pond, a rating so broad it barely means anything) but seeing what they can handle and absorb without getting confused or upset.

My boy is 4 and loves superheroes, he can watch Thor, it’s all pomp and cartoon violence, he can’t watch Nolan’s Batman until he’s much older.


It’s fine for them not to like something, but telling you what’s good for your daughter is completely out of line. Personally I think it’s awesome that you have an activity you can share so closely with her. You don’t see that in many families.

So yeah, take it as a compliment that your films are so good they were convincingly “dangerous”, and just ignore everything else they said :smile: