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Big congrats to Garth & Steve on Preacher


I’ve been pals with Garth since we were both nineteen. We were born within 4 weeks of one another and both cracked into the UK comic scene around the same time, me doing black and white indie work for Trident and Garth doing Crisis for Fleetway. He’s ridiculously talented and has been from the start, kicking into something really special with Steve when they met on Hellblazer and then kicking into hyperdrive with Preacher a couple of years later.

It’s impossible to overstate the significance of Preacher, not just in terms of where it went creatively, but also the stylistic influence in terms of HOW A STORY IS TOLD ON THE PAGE which guys like myself and Warren and this whole generation of writers were very influenced by. It’s become known as cinematic storytelling and although hat had been done for a long time by people like Will Eisner, Garth and Steve created a new form of storytelling that was incredibly accessible to people who don’t read comics.

We’re all hardcore and never think about these things, but a huge complaint - even with some of the best comics in the world - was that people didn’t know what order to read the panels when you gave a civilian a comic to read. They didn’t know how to read captions or thought balloons sometimes too and thus an entire art-form was written off by people who hadn’t grown up learning the language of what we know so well. But Preacher smashed that and it’s a style that pretty much all creators use today. So besides the genius of the dialogue (and nobody writes dialogue better than Garth) and the amazing characters (whom we all fell in love with in the 90s) and the perfect clarity of Steve’s art and body language and pitch-perfect facial expressions Preacher should be remembered for changing EVERYTHING. It’s easy to forget now and the comparison might seem obvious, but this book was talked about in comic circles like Pulp Fiction was in movie circles. There were comics before Preacher and comics after Preacher. It was THAT influential.

So congrats to the guys like I said. After 20 years they completely deserve the success I hope this brings and the heat to be transferred to their other projects too. Every viewer is a potential reader getting a one hour weekly ad!



I’ve never read Preacher or been interested until that glowing review. I may have to give it a shot now. :wink:


I’m in the same boat. I think there’s going to be a lot of interest in the series as a result of the TV show.


I realize we all have gaps in what we’ve consumed but how can you guys not have read Preacher?


I tried a little bit of it many, many years ago and it didn’t click for me, and I quickly gave up on it and have never gone back to it. I did a similar thing with Transmet.

I think I need to give it another try again, start from the beginning (maybe with the big new bumper Absolute that’s coming out in a couple of months) and see how it goes. That’s how I got into Sandman after a similar false start.


There’s a lot of Vertigo stuff that either happened while I was out of comics or I wasn’t particularly into.


That’s fair, I’ve only read 6-10 issues apiece of Planetary and The Invisibles, but I thought the Preacher transcended all of that. I know a several people who have basically read no comics but Preacher in the last 20 years.


It’s one of those that I feared would be dated because of how influential it was. I really liked Planetary but I’m not sure it would resonate the same now for the same reason.


I remember Pegg and Weight saying a similar thing on the Spaced commentaries - they really held it up as the holy grail of 90s comics, and when they gave it to Jessica Stevenson to try she was hooked, despite not really being a comics person.


I like that analogy - Preacher really expanded what to expect from a comic book like few others properties did. It’s one of those books where you kept track when it was coming out, and where it was a true must read because you didn’t know what was going to happen from one month to the next. Not many comics feel like that any more.


I picked up Preacher as it came out in the '90s and I thought it was unfilmable. I’ve just watched the first episode tonight and I was impressed. They seem to have take some creative decisions to help it fit the TV series format (setting it all in one town) but it looks good so far. It made me laugh and it reminded me of why I loved the original comics.

Time to do some re-reading


Anyone (like Ronnie and me) thinking of checking out the Preacher comics can get a copy of the first issue for free at Comixology at the moment:

Smart idea.


Also here’s an interesting AV Club interview with the makers (inc. Ennis) on the show:


Here’s an other interview with Ennis: