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Big Civil War spoiler


We should never examine the plots too much with summer movies, but couldn’t Zemo have achieved exactly the same result by just emailing that file to Stark where his parents were killed? Why did he need to have them all in one place, when so many events leading up to that point could have been different? Literally an email. It would have been over in 5 mins.

A small quibble in an otherwise very enjoyable movie. The action in particular is very, very well done!



The Zemo plot was by far the weakest. It could have all happened without him. Famously though Raiders of the Lost Ark ends the same whether Indy is in it or not.

Agreed the action was great.


I don’t think Zemo had the file until the end, at the base. He needed Bucky to tell him where that was.


Concerning the famous Raiders paradox, it could be reasonably argued that the Nazis get what they deserve because they don’t/can’t properly involve Indy’s services. So the whole thing is Indy letting the bad guys have their spectacular comeuppance, because he’s not on their side (and never would be).


This is true (I think), it’s why he was hanging that Hydra Russian colonel upside down in his sink.

“Mission report… 1991…” etc.

I get the criticism though, it could’ve been clearer. Especially as the Russo’s biggest strength is their no-nonsense approach to things. They have a real gift for simply presenting stuff with no flim flam.

The flip side of that is that they’re not the kind of filmmakers for whom “…every frame is a Rembrandt.” This is not about artiness, it’s craft, but top notch craft.

So I’m really glad Marvel has signed them up for the ‘Infinity War’ movies because those are likely to be some complex plots!

They need careful presentation.


Yeah. Pauls right.

He only got the footage at the end -his efforts were oincidentally similar to a 3 act structure but it was all reactionary rather than planned.

Hiding behind the glass and speaker at the end was obvs just super convenient for him :wink:


Not just that, but building up the tension between the “teams” throughout the series of events that occur in the film made his goal that much more of a certainty by the time he actually did get the footage.

Now, how he actually even knew what had happened with Stark’s parents is a totally different question.


Presumably he just wanted to get the footage and send it to Stark.

How was he to know the team was a timebomb?


Wasn’t the point of attacking the Sokovia Accords meeting to instill more chaos amongst the superheroes?

Aside from that, tracking down the other Winter Soldiers and killing them seemed like something he’d only want to do if he had been personally affected by Bucky, which it doesn’t seem like he was.


On another note.

We got Zemo and The Raft.

So… Justice Like Lightning???