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Best unrecognised writer in comics right now


I don’t mean the best writer in comics. None of the usual suspects. I mean who’s writing the book you enjoy most and not actually a household name in the BKV, Bendis, Hickman, Johns mode.

Who do you rate right now and what are they doing that blows you away so much?



To kick things off, I think Rob Williams is very good. I’ve always liked his stuff. Ditto Gordon Rennie. He’s not really interested in doing American books, always being a 2000AD fan, but I think he’s a very good writer with some great ideas. He’s a lot like Pat Mills I think in the sense that he’s excellent, but always leaned more UK than US in terms of what interests him.

I also really like Jeff Parker. His Flash Gordon book was great and I loved his Shazam book for DC a year or so back, drawn by the excellent Doc Shaner.



Rob Williams is great. I suspect his profile will rise doing the Suicide Squad book with Jim Lee just after the movie.

Steve Orlando is someone that springs to mind as well.

I don’t read comics the way I used to but it seems like DC has a nice little stable of unheralded guys right now.


I agree on Rob Williams. He is fairly familiar to 2000 ad readers, but not so much outside of that…although his Martian Manhunter book was good.

In that spirit I would add maybe Al Ewing and Si Spurrier as well. Both seem to be thereabouts, doing interesting books, but haven’t had that breakthrough hit just yet…

Also @mattgarvey1981 is really good. That guy is going places… Not sure where exactly, but definitely going somewhere. :slight_smile:


awwwww shuck, man!
That is incredibly kind of you!

I’m not sure where im going either…one leg really shorter than the other, so most likely just circles


I also love INJ Culbard. His Lovecraft adaptations are amazing.



the Charles Dexter ward one is very cool!


Dennis Hopeless reminds me a lot of Jason Aaron. He’s excels at characterisation - his All New X-Men is, for my money, the best written teen superhero book out there right now, and potentially the best that the original X-Men have ever been portrayed. Not that his plots aren’t great (Avengers Arena was an exciting and constantly surprising ride), but his strength is making you care for the characters he writes.

John Arcudi never gets enough praise. He’s not a particularly flashy writer, definitely coming from the “less is more” school, but he too writes great character. He also writes great dialogue. His BPRD and Hellboy related work speaks for itself, but his Image book, Rumble, is well worth a look too.

Joe Kelly is brilliant at contrasting quite dark or serious subject matter with humour and crazy action scenes. He’s a lot like Peter David in that respect (another writer whose work I love). Spider-man/ Deadpool is an awesome read currently.


I remember reading Williams’ Cla$$war followed by a few high profile titles at Marvel shortly after that. He seemed to be on the rise then. I wonder why he hasn’t hit bigger before now.

I know he’s fairly well known as an artists but I think Bryan Hitch’s star is rising as a writer now too. Another one that is famous as a musician but still not as known as a comic writer is Gerard Way. He’s pretty great.


I was going to cite John Arcudi. He had a tremendous run on various Mignolaverse titles, particularly on BPRD and his current creator-owned series Rumble at Image has great characterization, great pacing, and an imaginative storyline that is (just barely) grounded in reality.

Cullen Bunn has a well-written gothic horror series at Dark Horse, Harrow County, that keeps me coming back every month. Not flashy or over-the-top, just solid, understated storytelling.


Bunn’s a really nice guy. He’s been a guest at my buddy’s small comic con a few times. He’s done a few higher profile books at Marvel too.


I agree on Jeff Parker. It’s a shame he hasn’t had the really big break out hit he deserves. I thought Aquaman might be it, but it seemed to sink in the New 52 DC muddle.

I would suggest Fred Van Lente, who is a consistently witty and interesting writer that seems quite happy to work on more niche titles, mainly at Valiant these days, but used to do B/C-list titles for Marvel that were always vastly under-appreciated. Marvel were a fool to let him drift away elsewhere instead of getting him on a core title.

And the other one is, of course, James Roberts, whose work on More Than Meets The Eye would be winning all sorts of awards if it wasn’t a Transformers book and thus written off most of the time. I think it did actually win a Comics Alliance award at the end of last year, which is nice. Roberts mixes well-read political allegory, human drama, excellent long term plotting and genuinely laugh out loud humour to make one of, if not the best comics available today.


Oddly, a friend and I were talking about Rob Williams only yesterday, sepcifically citing Cla$$War. That was such a good book!

And I’ll second @MartinSmith’s suggestions of Fred Van Lente and James Roberts as well. They’re both great at mixing what I loved about comics as a kid with what I love in them now.


Ryan North’s Squirrel Girl is probably my favourite superhero book right now. His Adventure Time run was great too.

I’ve also liked everything Tom King has done that I’ve read. The Vision is probably his best book, but I’m looking forward to reading Sheriff of Babylon.


Not to mention the amazing Dinosaur comics:


Orlando’s Midnighter was great. Glad it’s coming back, even if just as a mini. I’m looking forward to his Supergirl too.


I love those comics.

Remember when @Bruce use to post them all the time?

Ah old Bruce…

Before he became obsessed with running and was inundated with tiny mini-humans.


James Roberts has written the best team book since Justice League International. It’s better than Guardians of the Galaxy.

Tom King probably isn’t unrecognized anymore.


Yeah he’s on Batman so I think we can discount him now.


The soft reboot to All New All Different Bruce kinda wiped that all away, didn’t it? I wouldn’t worry, there’ll be another reboot along before long that’ll change it up again.