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Best unrecognised artist in comics right now


I don’t mean the best artists in comics. None of the usual suspects. I mean who’s drawing the book you enjoy most and not actually a household name in the Jim Lee, David Finch, Immonen, Quitely, Capullo mode.

Who do you rate right now and what are they doing that blows you away so much?



Russell Dauterman is a name I always bring up. He’s currently doing Mighty Thor with Jason Aaron and killing it. I think he’s going to be truly unstoppable before long.


Tonci Jonzic, who is drawing the current Lobster Johnson mini at Dark Horse, has a clean style reminiscent of Paul Smith:

James Harren did some marvellous stuff as one of the rotating artists on BPRD, and is now working on the Image series Rumble

And Nick Dragotta has been bringing Hickman’s post-apocalyptic world to life for the past few years in the under-rated series East of West.


Kev Walker is constantly amazing. A darker, grittier Copiel.


Max Sarin’s facial expressions in Giant Days are amazing:

Alti Firmansyah’s art is always a lot of fun:


Andy Belanger of Southern Cross is doing some of the best art that people aren’t really talking about, in my opinion.


Reading through Locke & Key I can’t get over how stunning the art of Gabriel Rodriguez is. It’s so compelling and produces quite the master piece paired with Joe Hill’s masterful story telling.

My favorite spread:


Good pick. Some of his work on the recent Little Nemo in Slumberland book was amazing and inventive too:


A 2000AD original artwork Facebook group is having a Kev Walker group. Some really lovely pieces being posted.


I need to pick that up. Also I guess Gabriel Rodriguez can’t be really considered unrecognized since he has received an Eisner for his art, but I just needed this opportunity to gush.


It’s wonderful. There’s a nice big hardback version coming out soon, I think?


I have the Master Editions for Locke & Key so that sounds like my cup of tea. Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:


I’ll have to look out for that. Cheers!


You can find it here (though you may have to request to join the group, I think it’s a closed one).


Dauterman is up there for sure. Jorge Jimenez is up there as well. Aaron Kuder, I don’t know if he’s recognized really and truly? I think he’s one of the best in the business.

He’s been at it forever but I don’t feel Ben Caldwell has gotten the recognition he deserves as a storyteller and cartoonist. He’s a genius, and I think the comics mainstream is finally catching up to that. Prez was a masterpiece and he’s highly responsible for it. He’d have been a great Hit Girl artist, for instance.

Marco Rudy is working hard to be the next JH Williams III. He’s great at composing a page, none better, really.

They’re on BRPD stuff so maybe they are ‘known’ but I feel like two of the best artists in comics right now are Max and Sebastian Fiumara. They’re both incredible.

Same with James Harren, as someone mentioned above. He’s a miracle maker.


Don’t think the Sejics have yet been mentioned:

Stejpan Sejic - His last series was Death Vigil, currently on Switch, has done a load of work on Top Cow’s Artifacts universe but also Ravine, with Ron Marz. Has also demonstrated he can do styles other than detailed digital.

Linda Sejic - Tales of Honor, Wildfire, Bloodstain - her style is a mix of digital colouring and cartooning, I’ve enjoyed all 3 of the titles mentioned here.


Mike Dowling and Jon Davis Hunt need more recognition, both come from a DC background and have really kicked on a level, especially with Unfollowed and Clean Room respectively.

Dowling reminds me very much of Artur Ranson, his delicate lines are perfection just now and Jon Davis Hunt has a very clean line which is a bit of mix between Rick Veitch, Paul Marshall and maybe a bit of Brian Bolland with a similar twisted imagination that Bolland possesses.


Oh man, I meant to mention Otto Schmidt! He deserves a mention, big time. He’s vundabar!


Good call. :wink:


Peter Snejbjerg - I loved Tony Harris on Starman but I wasn’t too distraught when he left 'cos we then got Peter Snejbjerg on Starman. Which, to be honest, I think I enjoyed even more. He was similarly brilliant on Books of Magic, The Light Brigade, and it is always pleasing when he pops up in the Mignolaverse (where he’s a great fit - I wish he’d do more).