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Best Non-Fiction Comic Books?


I do like a bit of non-fiction every now and again to mix things up, so wondered what everyone else’s favourite non-fiction comic books were?

Maus is an amazing, powerful book, and I’ve enjoyed Palestine, and Persepolis too.

What others would you all recommend?


Our Cancer Year is a poignant, powerful recounting of Harvey Pekar and Joyce Brabner’s struggle dealing with his cancer diagnosis.


The best non fiction comic I’ve read is this:,204,203,200.jpg

Talbot is doing stuff with the form I haven’t seen anyone else try and gets you fascinated in things you thought you had no interest in.

Other notable ones that come to mind are American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang and a recent one in March telling John Lewis’s story of the civil rights movement.


Essex County by Lemire counts? It really gives you a feel of how it is to grow up and live in Canada. Plus, his minimalistic art style is absorbing.


It is a great book but no I don’t think it really counts. :smile:

It is fiction even if it’s in a more vivid and realistic setting than most comics. People should buy it anyway (Top Shelf are super cheap on digital as well).


Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud. One of the best books I ever read, actually.




I was going to mention that one. However, Thompson says it’s somewhat autobiographical but mostly fictional.


It’s a fine line, ‘real life stories’ are often half bunkum like Argo, I’m pretty sure though Blankets is in the fiction section.


It’s my favorite book full stop. So maybe it should just be on every list. :wink:


The annex to From Hell that describes in comics form how Moore and Campbell created the book is pretty great.


I really loved Jerusalem by Guy Delisle. It’s a memoir of a guy who seems to follow his UN-employed wife to various locales she’s posted to, in this case being Jerusalem. It’s wry and witty, insightful and engaging. And he touches on the political situation without being pedagogic about it.


Maus by Art Spiegelman is incredible. Poignant, upsetting, horrifying in places and an excellent examination of coping with something so traumatic and horrifying and how it affects you in later life. Well worth checking out!


Hip Hop Family Tree


There’s that Jeffrey Dahmer book by Derf Backderf.


Did anyone read Logicomix (the Bertrand Russell book)? I keep meaning to check it out.


Fun Home by Alison Bechdel.

Maus by Art Spiegelman.

Nat Turner by Kyle Baker.


I’ve started picking that up as they’ve just released it on digital, it’s great.

Technically it isn’t the greatest but the stories themselves are interesting enough it doesn’t matter too much.


Yeah, I’d agree with that assessment.

The execution reminds me of something else, possibly something I read when I was younger. I can’t put my finger on it.

The back matter is also great. I’d heartily recommend to anyone with an interest in hip hop or an open minded passion about music in general.


what do you think of the follow up books?