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Best Movies of 2016, So Far


We’re halfway through the year, so what are your favourite movies of the year so far, and what are you looking forward to seeing in the next few months?

Not a great year, but I’ve seen a few movies I really like:

  • The Witch
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane
  • Green Room
  • The Nice Guys
  • Love & Friendship

Looking forward to Star Trek, Jason Bourne, The Birth of a Nation, A Monster Calls, Moana, La La Land, and probably a bunch more.


I would say that I’ve enjoyed a couple of movies so far.

  • Deadpool
  • Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice
  • Captain America: Civil War
  • Now You See Me 2
  • Independence Day Resurgence

I’m looking forward to movies that are later in the year like:

  • Suicide Squad
  • Dr. Strange
  • Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them (this is going to be an event movie for me and my family)
  • Rogue One

And whatever comes out in theaters in the months leading up to these movies. :smile:


Let’s see…

  1. Captain America: Civil War
  2. Deadpool

Ummm…that’s all I’ve seen.

Maybe this thread wasn’t aimed at me :expressionless:


I haven’t seen many movies this year. I really enjoyed The Nice Guys and Civil War though.

I’m looking forward to Star Trek Beyond rolling around in a couple of weeks. I’m hoping to see some Star Trek-y Star Trek. It is okay to hope for ponderous moralising and a situation so grave and serious that it calls for …a meeting to discuss it?

The trailer is suggesting an action packed special effects fest, but I can hope.


I don’t feel qualified to answer as there is much already out that I still have to see, including stuff I have DVDs at home for and haven’t gotten around to, but I’d say a top five would be (in no order) The Witch, Everybody Wants Some, Zootopia, The Nice Guys, and…Dawn of Justice I guess?

Not a great year so far. Hope the upcoming stuff and some of the stuff I missed picks up the slack.


Captain America: Civil War
Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice: Ultimate Edition
BvS 3D
What? At least I got to the movies!


Apparently not aimed at me either, since those are the only ones I’ve seen (I think).

Looking forward to Dr. Strange later in the year.


Yeah, this isn’t a great year.

  1. The Witch
  2. The Nice Guys
  3. The Boy and the Beast
  4. Midnight Special
  5. Captain America: Civil War

I’ve also seen The Hateful Eight, Triple 9, Batman v Superman, Zootopia, High-Rise, The Lobster, X-Men, Deadpool, and Central Intelligence. I liked the first four okay but don’t seem them ending up on my list unless the year continues to be so lackluster.

Hopefully it picks up, though. Really looking forward to The Neon Demon (might see that tonight, actually), War on Everyone, Suicide Squad, and The Birth of a Nation (movie about Nat Turner’s slave rebellion). Still have to see a few things, too, like Miles Ahead, Embrace of the Serpent, and Hail Caesar.


Heard great things about this. Might watch this weekend if I’m in the mood.


This is hard; because of the new family addition there’s some movies I am desperate to see that I have not got to yet - The Witch, Midnight Special, Everybody Wants Some and Green Room being the main ones
and I’d also really llike to see The Renvanent, Hateful Eight, High Rise, The Nice Guys,Triple 9,Hail Caesar & Keanu

Out of those I have seen and really enjoyed it would be
1 Conjuring 2
2 10 Cloverfield Lane
3 Deadpool
4 Civil War
5 XMen Apocalypse

But the latter 2 I wouldn’t expect to have in my top 10 come the end of the year.

Looking ahead I’m most keen on

Star Trek Beyond
The Girl With All the Gifts
Fantastic Beasts
Bad Santa 2


In addition to what I’ve mentioned I’ve seen Kung-Fu Panda 3, Deadpool, Zoolander 2, 10 Cloverfield Lane, The Jungle Book, Ratchet & Clank, Civil War, Neighbors 2, X-Men, Finding Dory, and The Shallows. I just thought they were all bad to (mostly) mediocre.

I forgot about The Invitation—I would put that on my list in place of Dawn of Justice.


Well, Neon Demon just took the #1 spot on my list.




Swear to God, I thought that said Fantastic Breasts :confounded: