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Best letterers in the biz?


Not who letters your fave comic. Not who your pals are. Not you :slight_smile:

Who’s lettering work is SUBLIME in your opinion? I love John Workman, for example. He just has such an amazing, artistic vibe to his letters.

Who ENHANCES a page with their work?



I really love the lettering of Janice Chiang. She was a regular at Marvel in the 80s and there’s a wonderful calligraphic sharpness to her letters. They look fierce. Ed Piskor posted this letter from her recently:


Todd Klein is one of the best letterers working today:



is there anyone not doing anything fancy? The best lettering is the stuff that isn’t distracting. I’m looking for someone who just nails regular lettering.



I’ll be honest, I generally only notice lettering when it’s really bad. So I generally look for it to be mostly unobtrusive. Just looking at the most recent issues of some of the books I’ve been picking up, here are the letterers. All of them do the job and tell the story which is what I really look for.

Action Comics,Superman,Super Sons - Rob Leigh
Batman, Mister Miracle - Clayton Cowles
Cable - VC’s Travis Lanham
Captain America, Marvel 2-in-1 - VC’s Joe Caramagna
Doom Patrol - Todd Klein
VS - Aditya Bidikar
Wild Storm - Simon Bowland
X-Men Red - VC’s Cory Petit

It looks like Marvel goes to someone called VC for their letterers.


Chris Eliopoulis, when he’s not busy making/promoting those “I Am…” books with Brad Meltzer.


So, no one’s said Tom Orzechowski?


Ah, well you didn’t say it was about helping you find someone to hire, you just asked who we liked. I’m not quite sure “regular lettering” fits your bill of “enhancing a page”.


He was the first one that came to mind for me!


Virtual Calligraphy (VC) is a lettering studio.


Aditya Bidikar is brilliant regardless of what you ask him for (much like Todd Klein, who I believe Shelly Bond compared him to).

He’s lettering my books and is a good friend. He’s very thoughtful and very talented, highly recommend.

Deron Bennett and Hassan Otsmane Elhaou are also brilliant, but again they are as good at the basics as they are at the flash. All about what you ask of them.


All excellent recommendations.


L.Lois Buhalis, Tomoko Saito, and Suzie Lee, all formerly of Studio Proteus (who have worked with Tom Orzechowski), Evan Hayden.


Colin Bell


Richard Starkings and Comicraft.


steve wands


I couldn’t disagree more. Good regular lettering is so hard to find. The whole point is to serve the story and blend in with the art so that it isn’t offensive to the eye or confusing, a piece of art in itself but quiet enough that you don’t realise words are written all over this lovely page. The worst lettering for me is when people try something fancy as that’s calligraphy instead of lettering and it murders the flow of a story.


Joe Caramagna, Simon Bowland, Nate Piekos


Hm, Gaspar Saladino? His work on Arkham Asylum is amazing.


Bit late to this but I like Clayton Cowles work a lot (Zero being a fantastic example), Joe Caramagna especially when paired with Chris Samnee, and if I’m correct and he does his own lettering; Sean Phillips.