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Best Dr Who We Never Had


Peter Cook
Jeremy Brett
Christopher Lee
David Bowie
Jeremy Paxman.



Ken Dodd.

Billy Connolly.

Miriam Margolyes.


American, but Jeff Goldblum. It could work!


God, yeah. I can totally see it.



Peter Cook would have been awesome but just to appease the tabloids you have to add Joanna Lumley, strangely I think she’s been touted more than anyone else.


Edward Tudor-Pole. I mean he practically was playing the Doctor when he hosted The Crystal Maze.


Bill Nighy (who turned it down)
Idris Elba
Michael Caine
Brendan Gleeson or Domhnaill Gleeson ( very different actors but both have benefit of being ginger)


John Cleese

Graham Chapman

Peter Sellers


Vinnie Jones


Grace Jones


William Shatner


Richard O’Toole.



Dylan Moran.


When was that? Which incarnation?


Google says:

British actor Bill Nighy revealed in an interview with U.K. paper The Express that he was approached to play the Doctor, though he remained tight-lipped on when the offer actually came.

“I will say that I was approached,” the 63-year-old said. “But I didn’t want to be the Doctor.”


Peter O’Toole - Dark, dangerous and charming.


This thread reminded me of this:


He always gave the impression that he wasn’t of this earth anyway. :smile:


He would have been brilliant.

A misanthropic Irish Doctor. I can’t see a downside.


If I’d got his name right. :blush: