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Best Comic Out Now!


So give your nominations for the best comic on sale right now. We can set up a poll later on the front runners.

I think it’s best not to analyse your decisions too deeply but look at what you always want to pick first off a stack or virtual one in my case as I buy from Comixology. That gut reaction I think says more.

They are for me Saga, Lazarus, still The Walking Dead (I like books with surprises more than the familiar), Huck (as I got to read the preview of the first issue) and the outsider Invisible Republic. What are yours?

Rules are it must be currently published and could be in your pull list next week.

Has there ever been a graphic-novel collecting a story...

Providence - bar none the best of Moore and Lovecraft in years
Crossed + 100 - damn it, Moore and Spurrier on black comedy post-apoc? Hell yes.

If thinking that this is an Avatar Press golden age is wrong I don’t want to be right.

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Huck & the next Millarworld book. These are both going to kick so much ass. :wink:


The best comics right now are Chew and Saga.


I would say Omega Men and Lazarus. Maybe add Aaron’s Thor to make it three.

I am loving Secret War but it’s ending shortly.


My first post was kind of cheating since neither of those books are currently out now. Jupiter’s Circle is technically between volumes now too.

Bryan Hitch’s Justice League of America is fantastic. It’s everything you’d hope from a JLA story from the artist who brought you The Authority and The Ultimates.


Providence is pretty great at the moment - a proper, dense, carefully-constructed and intelligent book that’s up there with some of Moore’s best.

I’m also really enjoying The Fade Out, more and more as it goes on actually.

Velvet is also fantastic but doesn’t come out often enough.

Trees could end up being one of Warren Ellis’ greats too.

Lazarus I’m only reading in trade but I agree that it’s excellent.

The only caveat to this rule is that I’ve known quite a few people who like to leave their favourites until the end of their weekly stack. :slight_smile: I think it’s to maximise the anticipation and make sure they end on a high.

I don’t have that self-control though, I always go for my favourites first.


More Than Meets The Eye.


I have to go with Deadly Class. Every issue is a great addition to the story. It has a lot of style, but it’s got a heart too.

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Nameless and Stray Bullets.


Oh yeah, I’ll second Nameless.


2000AD is the first thing I read every week. Its been pretty much consistently excellent on a weekly basis for years.

Chew is probably my favourite US monthly. Sad it’ll be ending fairly soon and I’m missing it on its current “catch up” break.


True - really about the only comic I pick up in single issues, though I will check out HUCK #1 for sure.

Also, I’ve been picking up Hitch’s JLA which is unusual since I tend to wait until collections, but it’s a very good superhero book with a lot the same elements that attracted me to The Authority and Ultimates.


Damn, I didn’t know Chew was even still being made. It never gets reviewed on IGN, and I haven’t had the scratch to actually buy a comic in years, so my knowledge of what’s up comes only from reviews, pretty much.


Providence is the Starlight of Lovecraft, is what I’ll say unless it gets a turn for the worse.
Just a great throwback and the level of detail and care creates a story where the enormous amount of references don’t stick out.


Star Wars. Maybe Vader, but I think Star Wars is slightly better.

The trouble with Marvel is they’ve blown up everything for Secret Wars and it’s a bunch of mini’s that are mostly not good. I do like the Marvel Zombies one and the Old Man Logan one.

When Huck is released it’ll be Huck, right up until Jupiters Legacy 2 comes out.

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The iFanboy reviewers make comment on that sometimes. That they very much like books like Invincible or Chew that are ongoing and retain their quality but drop under the radar because of that.

It may be one of those fan things that don’t really get reflected by the market though. Like we hate crossovers and new number 1 issues and $4.99 comics and they all do really well. I took a quick look and Chew sells as well as stuff that has more buzz because it is newer like Lazarus or Deadly Class.


LAZARUS and SAGA are pretty good, but they sometimes feel like they should be movies or television series or novels rather than comic books.

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Fight Club 2 and Invader Zim



Saga in particular is one of the strongest titles today that works for an end of issue cliffhanger or surprise and makes use of the serial format. It is a longform finite series but I’m not sure, unless you are very wedded to the US superhero idea model of endless soap opera that never really progresses, why that makes them any less of comics.

It’s quite the norm in most of the world and it’s not really exclusive to TV or novels to be able to portray that kind of material.