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Best Comic Out Now - Nominations


We did this a few months back and Saga won out.

Is that the same now? Tell us what hits the top of your ‘must read’ pile. The one you want to devour fist.

I’ll take the most popular ones and convert into a poll.

(Rules - anything currently being published, Chrononauts is finished, for the moment, Huck is not, use that as the guide).


So you want us to pick a favorite among our children.

Ye’re a hard man, Mister Jones.


Yes, get on with it.


Kneejerk reaction at this very moment with no regard to history or people’s feelings.

Black Magick Greg Rucka (w) and Nicola Scott (co-plot, paintings)

Could be thought to be off to a slow start, but by issue #5 that little stand-off in Portsmouth has gotten both extremely personal and world-wide. Amazing juxtapositions in a fresh story! Several other titles come to mind, but this is the one I anticipate most, and go back just to look at the pretty pictures.


I’m really loving Huck right now. It’s book I most look forward to every month despite having already read it.

Mighty Thor and Saga are probably tied for second right now. Justice League of America and Dark Knight III would be up there if they came out with a little more regularity.

What about you, Gar? What’s your favorite?


Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye. Still


Giant Days is probably the comic I look forward to the most each month.



Hehe. Those are my favorites. Was hard to choose.


I’d throw in, with Bry’s JLA, Neal Adams The Coming of the Supermen. He even managed to fix the damned belt!


Everytime I see the title of that book I think of this scene in Clerks II. I don’t mean it as a slight. I actually like seeing your reviews on the book. It’s just the emphatic “more than meets the eye” in the title.


Rachel Rising
Clean Room
Morning Glories
Justice League
Southern Bastards

Not easy to whittle it down, there was a good few others in contention.


Do I need to pick one only?

If so, probably Providence


If I can only choose one:
BPRD: Hell on Earth (Arcudi, Mignola, and various)

If I get to list five more:
Velvet (Brubaker and Epting)
Lazarus (Rucka and Lark)
Saga (Vaughan and Staples)
Injection (Ellis and Shalvey)
East of West (Hickman and Dragotta)

These are the ones I want to read as soon as I get them home.




Providence for me too.

Other contenders: Velvet, Hitch’s JLA and DKIII.


Sheriff of Babylon
East of West


Just one?



Seconded on Vision.


The Wicked & The Divine

I like that we’re doing bold fonts.


Sir Howard, we are indeed both Brave and BOLD!