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Best Comic Last Pages (various spoilers within)


There are some great last pages in comics that shocked the reader and made you very impatient for the next installment.

Some are:

Utlimates Vol. 1 issue 2: when you-know-who was discovered in the icy waters
KIngdom Come #3: when a certain someone knocked Supes from the sky.
The old Xmen issue where Wolverine says "Now it’s my turn"
In Grant Morrison’s run on the Xmen when a certain someone takes off his mask.

I mentioned a few exciting ones. Other pages have had a tragic moment but at any rate…

What else?


This last page of New Mutants #100 hooked me on comics forever.

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Thunderbolts #1


I mean, it’s almost too powerful

Oh is this only for cliffhangers? Post deleted haha


I bet I can guess what it was.

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Guess then if you’re so smart.
I’ll be honest if you got it right.


Well I guess it depends on how old you are, but for me it’s this one which is what I would submit in this thread.

The use of black space is incredible (I’m surprised the technique isn’t used more) and this page really bothered me as a kid. It still gives me chills.


Nah, it was the last page of the Crow.
I didn’t want to post it because it doesn’t fit the requirements.


I always rather liked this one from Flex Mentallo #3.
On the previous page, adult Wally Sage is pulling out some old memory, and forcing himself to look at whoever’s holding his hand, whether its aliens or his creepy uncle, and you turn the page and get this…

It’s the moment where the series starts to pull out from its pessimistic nosedive into an optimistic view of things.


Ha, I was going to post the final page of Flex Mentallo #4 for similar reasons.


Everyone seems to be posting splash pages. So is this thread actually “Best Comic Last Panels”? :wink:


This is a strong contender for me. It’s not a shock twist or even a surprise ending (the first page of the story tells you exactly how it’s going to end). It’s just a perfect ending.


Love that one.


Screw it - the thread has shifted.
As I stated…this page is just too powerful

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Here’s another favourite, from the first chapter of Born Again. I love that we get a hint of triumph to come, even when Matt is at his lowest ebb:


Another classic, with (again) a sense of optimism coming out through the darkness. There’s a theme here.


Grant Morrison’s Batman & Robin Must Die !


The best ending :+1:


Another awesome last page that’s popped into my head over the last couple of days is the ending to Planetary #17: Opak Re.

Its a great issue, dealing with a chapter of Elijah Snow’s past, and filling in some of the gaps around panels we’ve seen before when the memory blocks came loose. And then suddenly, Bam! in that one final page you realise you’ve been reading Jakita Wagner’s origin story. Not only that, but this character who’s been with you for 17 issues now suddenly makes much more sense. She’s Tarzan’s daughter!


I had in mind issues with a big splash page in the end, but these last pages with many panels are also good.