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Best comic / character not yet a movie!


I actually feel the best ones have yet to be done.

Who would you love to see?



The Authority.

I honestly think a big, bold, political, challenging Authority movie could be glorious.


Off the top of my head, and to please Mr. Ohara, mayhap Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle. Sure, there was an appearance on Smallville, but, hopefully, memories are short.

Saga would be good, as would Manhattan Projects. Definitely, though, a story with more purpose to being told than an origin.

And telepathic super-intelligent gorillas! Those always sell!


Shazam by a mile. Should be a Harry Potter level success, it’s the ultimate kids story in the ultimate heroes journey template.

Honorable mentions to Strikeforce Morituri (TV series), Marshall Law (black comedy), Rogue Trooper (Platoon-like action movie), Atomic Robo (should be as big as Incredibles), Blue & Gold (Chrononauts will be better), Martian Manhunter (epic space opera), Animal Man (would be visually stunning) and Future Imperfect.


GRENDEL by Matt Wagner
MAGE by Matt Wagner
LOBO by Keith Giffen

And, of course, AMBUSH BUG.


A Batgirl movie could be cool. Aim it at modern teens like the current run, rather than going for a retro vibe, and I really think it could work.


I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again.

Especially that Four Horsemen story.




Booster Gold. Unfortunately, DC let Marvel get Paul Rudd first.

I’d like to see some of DC’s weirder ones: Animal Man, Deadman, Martain Manhunter, Dr. Fate, Etrigan, Metamorpho, Spectre, Zatana…they’ve got a lot!

For Marvel, I don’t know. Maybe She-Hulk done right. I’d love to see Hawkeye rebooted and made fun.


Fix 4 U! No need to thx!


The Jack Knight Starman.

The Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel.

A 1940s-set Justice Society movie could be cool.


How about Green Lantern: Fear Itself? Good GN, good core of a movie. We can call it JSA so people aren’t scared by the “Green Lantern” thing. (I liked parts of that…)


The New Gods.




The Harlem Heroes.

Future sport is going to be the next big genre. I can feel it.


Since Kalman got there first, I will go with the second best answer:

Ka-Zar, with Shanna the She-Devil and Zabu the sabertooth tiger. This would tie in so easily with the rest of the Marvel cinematic/television universe, since Ka-Zar has faced off against Klaw, has had a romance with Bobby Morse, and even defeated Thanos once.


“Y the Last Man” is the first movie I’d pick to make a TV series off of, I think. That, or Preacher. Which I know is being developed, so let’s hope they don’t mess it up. Same goes for Sandman of course.


I’d kinda like to see Sam Rockwell play Booster Gold.

She-Hulk is a big one, too. As a television series like Ally McBeal mixed with Agents of SHIELD.

The New Gods had a great script at WB Animation back in the 90’s. Mike Mignola did some of the character designs as I recall.

Maybe these are them:


BKVs Ex Machina


Ex Machina is one of the great forgotten comics of the last decade. Somewhat paradoxically it’s very much of its time but has aged VERY well.