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Best comedy movie of the 2010s


Wondering this one for a little bit, but especially coming out of the Sasha Baron Cohen discussion: what were the great comedy movies of this decade? While comedies continue to be made there has been a dip in quality, and I wonder about their future and who the stars are.

So what say you?

Try to pick the one that you would rewatch if only forced to watch one for the rest of your life, and for the sake of the thread let’s leave off stuff like Deadpool, Guardians, and Ragnarok although they might have the most laughs.

To get a sense of how long the decade has been here are the comedies of 2010:

(For some reason I thought Superbad was this decade and it was 2007…11 years ago. My god! That might be the last universally iconic comedy too.)


I reckon Mark Wahlberg has this tied up between Ted, Pain & Gain and The Other Guys (not to mention Transformers: The Last Knight).


I’ll also ignore movies like “Grand Hotel Budapest” because while I’d maybe pick that one as the best movie that was also a comedy, it’s not the one that made me laugh most. Same goes for “Frank” or “Birdman” or a great many other movies that appear when I look at comedies from that decade.

The funniest movie from this decade, for me, was… Christ, looking through these movies, I really don’t care for most mainstream comedy… uh, I guess Four Lions would be my pick?

I am sure I am missing something obvious here.


It’s not my favourite, but in terms of one that stands out and kind of sums up the decade, maybe 21 Jump Street.

For me it’s probably The Nice Guys though - I laughed more during that than any other film in recent memory, and the chemistry of the leads was very good.

Death of Stalin also gets an honorable mention.


That’s a good one. I didn’t even think of it as 2010s, but apparently it first screened in January 2010 so sneaks in! :slight_smile:


The Lego Movie.


What We Do In The Shadows, for pure comedy.
The Death of Stalin, for brilliant dark comedy.


They’ve been few and far between to be honest.

My criteria is belly laughs and though there’s many films that could be considered light romantic comedies or quirky comedies, I’m only including full on belly laugh comedy.

In order -

  1. 21 Jump Street
  2. Grown Ups
  3. Just Go With It

Then a gap

  1. Hangover 2
  2. The Inbetweeners
  3. Goon
  4. Get Hard
  5. Dirty Grandpa
  6. Grimsby
  7. Hot Tub Time Machine


It’s that recent?
I’m smirking hard at remembering the dancing bit.


Agreed. Would be the Nice Guys for me. Loved every moment of it. The toilet scene is comedy gold.


As I think it’s the last 10 years

I forgot what we do in the shadows, that was genuine belly laughs for me as well - that goes on the list and hot tub time machine drops off


I really enjoyed Ted. Marky Mark is at his best doing comedy and the movie worked much better than I expected.

Bridesmaids should get a mention too for that one scene where they all poop.


I still haven’t seen that one :grimacing:




For me it is probably “This is the End”. I still find it very good fun, it’s weird enough that I stay engaged, and it tickles my funnybone in the right ways.

My second pick would be “The Other Guys.” It’s not perfect but there are some truly great bits.

Third would be “World’s End” although to be honest I found it more bittersweet and poignant than funny.

In all a very weak decade. None of those would make my top ten of prior decades.


I agree. But I wonder whether part of it is that I don’t choose to watch so many comedies now, and there’s the sense that a lot of the big movie comedies these days skew pretty young (so are going to become increasingly less relevant as you age). World’s End is the last one I can remember that felt like it was ‘for me’.

I also don’t have time to endlessly rewatch the ones I like and reinforce my love of them that way, like I did with Spinal Tap or Airplane or Naked Gun as a kid. I can’t think of the last comedy that I liked enough to watch more than once. Probably Hot Fuzz.


Some favourites:

21 Jump Street/22 Jump Street
Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa
The Death of Stalin
Frances Ha
Game Night
The Heat
Lady Bird
Logan Lucky
The Nice Guys
What We Do in the Shadows


Alpha Papa did indeed have some huge laughs in it. Forgot about that one.

Was Frances Ha funny? I loved that movie but can’t remember it being funny.


I found it funny at least. It’s probably the movie I’ve rewatched the most since it came out.


It’s gotta be Jack and Jill.