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Best clips from superhero films


Superman rescuing Lois in the helicopter scene is my all-time favourite superhero movie moments and most of my others are Superman-related too, from crushing Zod’s hand to Superman saving the cosmonauts in (oh yes) the opening of Superman 4.

But post 1989, in the last quarter century, I think this maybe ties with the Spider-Man 2 train scene as the best clip from a superhero movie. Now post yours!



First thing I thought of was the Spider-man train scene, specifically this exact bit, which is my favourite piece of his swinging ever:


The Spider-Man 2 train fight is fantastic.

I still love the big Avengers tracking shot, but I don’t know if it will ever give me as much sheer pleasure as this:




Those are top two. Tossing out Donner Superman and Raimi Spidey, this whole scene up through the rescue is my favorite after that:

(Poor video quality)


Dark Knight opening scene.


I always liked Superman speaking before the UN in Superman IV mostly because it was a scene that transcended an otherwise horrible film.


This fight is a masterpiece


That would have been my pick post-Superman, now I have to think a bit more on this.


I really like the Wolverine berserker scene near the beginning of X2.


X-Men 2 has some great moments. The opening Nightcrawler sequence is fantastic.


My favorite Superhero moments are ones with high emotion, and often revenge. :wink: It should be no surprise that this tops my list.

Following as a VERY close 2nd. I choke up every time I watch it.

And I shout victorious expletives when this scene follows it. :sunglasses: :fist:


God yes. I think I welled up with actual joy when Dash ran on water for the first time.

EDIT: Brad Bird, you bastard. Just watched this for the first time since having a child and it affected me even more than before, the fear at the start and the pride in Dash finding out what he can do. Perfect filmmaking.


I really like the prison escape sequence in Guardians. It’s a really well constructed scene, subversive enough to show this isn’t your typical action movie, and funny enough to make you settle in for the rest of the story. Up until then I wasn’t quite sure what the movie was going to be like, but after that I could watch this crew for hours.

Having said that, 3 scenes top it. The first flight in Man of Steel which is breathtakingly beautiful, inspirational and glorious:

And then there’s Heath Ledger becoming a legend.

Special mention should go to the kitchen scene at the end of Unbreakable. That moment between father and son makes me well up every single time.


Always strikes me how he was smart enough to apply Tom Wait’s crazy voice to the Joker. Initially I saw it as a ripoff, but really it was Ledger taking inspiration. He kept his eyes out for interesting elements he could apply to his performances, and no-one else would have thought to use Waits as a template (except maybe Depp).


They had just worked together on the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus which was released after The Dark Knight. So that might have something to do with it.


I also love Wait’s music by the way. My wife, the vocal instructor, not so much. Though she did give one of her students All the World Is Green to sing on my suggestion.


I could never get on with Waits, it always felt like his singing is him just putting on a whiskey soaked voice, trying to be a Mississippi Delta blues man or something. I like the sound of it, but it always came across too theatrical for me. But I know I’m in the minority there.


Lots of sequences are good, but this may be the shortest and best beat-down in all cape movies.

Favorite upcoming trailer moment is that look Affleck gives as he’s holding the little girl in Metropolis. Devastating! It’s what sold me on Batfleck.

Then one line from Batman '66 - Aunt Harriet Cooper at a rich folks party stating “I’ll have you know that Bruce’s grandfathere founded Skull and Bones!”

Whoa! That’s intense! Throws the whole Bat-legend into a totally different and much darker perspective!


I think Ledger worked on Parnassus after Dark Knight – one of the reasons for the four principle actors is because his scenes were unfinished.


I apologize. I was under the impression that filming had wrapped beforehand but the release was delayed. Thank you.