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Best book currently on the stands?


I think Annihilator was the stronger of Morrison’s two recent creator owned outings, but I think that may be the minority opinion. And it may come down straight away to my general lack of interest in horror.

Burnham and Fairbairn’s art on Nameless is phenomenal, though, and it’s worth the price for that alone.


I liked both for different reasons. Annihilator was criticised a little for being familiar territory for Morrison, but I thought the new contexts for those ideas added quite a bit to them. Plus, Irving’s art was amazing.

Nameless though was really something else. Genuinely disturbing and unpredictable.


I thought the first issue of Annihilator was very ‘it’s been done’, but that it defined itself quite distinctly as it went.

I just felt there was more genuine content there.


The basic pitch for Nameless is pretty cool though: John Constantine in Deep Impact.

And this just reminds me that I still need to get Annihilator. There are so many good comics to read. Why do people complain about quality?


I would also like recs, as I haven’t been reading new comics, but I mostly want superhero-y stuff


Black Panther is just on #2, so easy to catch up on. It’s very good. The Vision vol. 1 comes out soon, and likewise it’s a good book (only read the first issue so far, but it’s one of the best I’ve ever read).


I know they just rebirthed, but based on first issues, are there any good DC books?


I’m enjoying Wonder Woman and Action Comics.


I’ve only checked out the main Rebirth issue and the Wonder Woman Rebirth issue, neither of which I liked very much. But I hear good things about the proper first issues of Batman, Detective Comics, and Wonder Woman. I’ll definitely be checking out WW, since I’m a big Greg Rucka fan.


I didn’t like WW:Rebirth. #1 was much better.


I watched the “Flashpoint” flash cartoon on Netflix. Which led me to understand DC: Rebirth which is currently out. Really good stuff. This is the year that I finally get into DC.




To be honest, Marvelman/Miracleman played with those ideas well before Watchmen even, and far more explicitly.



Oh … no. I just thought this was the “blue nudes” thread.

Sorry. Carry on.


Aren’t nudes always ‘blue’ by definition? :slight_smile:

Here, try a blue never-nude.


That was deconstructionism. Animal Man, Doom Patrol, and Flex Mentallo were largely about rebuilding the idea of the superhero, which Moore also did a bit later with Supreme, 1963, and some of his ABC books. (I think he referred to Supreme jokingly as his apology for Watchmen.)


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I forgot to mention Brubaker and Epting’s Velvet. It’s great. I just wish it came out more often.

Morrison & Moore - the love story

And let’s be honest, everything by Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips over the last couple of years has been phenomenally good. So, whatever they are currently working on.


That’s one of the creative teams that I put whatever they’ve announced on the future trade hit list.

Morrison & Moore - the love story
Morrison & Moore - the love story