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Best book currently on the stands?


Because I want some recs.



Or Cordeila Swift…
I’m not biased at all :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeah, I think it’s probably Providence.


The Vision


East of West




Hang on!!! Someone has agreed with @Tom_Punk on something…That can’t be right. :wink:

My favourite book of last year was Descender.

To give an unbiased opinion - both books are great. The writer though…I don’t know about him. He’s sort of…what would you call it?..funny looking :wink:


The Vision is amazing. Nearly as good as Chunks



Jupiters Legacy when it comes out in a couple of weeks.


Darth Vader.


Deadly class!



Black Science


Spider-man/ Deadpool


Right now:
Mighty Thor
Justice League of America

Soon to be:
Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2
Saga (Currently on inter-volume hiatus.)


I resemble that remark…


Touché sir.

But seriously both books are great. And there is some wonderfully Eisner-ish art in Cordelia Swift.


I second Oharas mention of Darth Vader.

Also The Vision.


I’m going to put in a vote for Unfollow.


Yes, I had heard he was quite funny looking.

Not sure about books by funny looking writers … :stuck_out_tongue: It’s quite hard to read Chunks without thinking about how funny looking that Garvey bloke is, you know?

In other news I’m caught up with The Vision. It is indeed, probably, Marvel’s best book (although, I say that knowing virtually nothing of their output). That is to say, it is unlikely there is another book Marvel is releasing which is as smart.


The Vision is definitely going on my tradewaiting list.


Providence. By a long distance.

It’s a special book.

I did like Gareth’s Unfollow vote though. Glad someone threw that in there, it would probably be my next vote.


On a related note, what are some of the best Marvel and DC books over the last 4 or 5 years? I’ve read hardly anything from the big 2 since the launch of the New 52, but am kind of getting that itch to give them another shot. Planning and checking out Ms. Marvel (finally), but any other recommendations from either company?