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Best 11x17 Scanner?


Hey out there!

While searching for a new scanner for artwork (11"x17") I thought it would be helpful to get the forum’s opinion. Specifically, other artists out there, what scanners have you found work well for the price. I’ve seen everything from $100-$1000 out there and I’m hoping to get something that works for professional use without breaking the bank.

Currently I spend way too much time scanning on 8.5"x11" and piecing the artwork together. Drawing like a pro, scanning like a newb.

Thanks ahead of time, look forward to hearing suggestions.

Plaid Klaus


Dear plaidklaus,

this scanner works very good for me -->

No need to buy a more expensive one for comics,



Thanks for getting back, I forgot to check back on the forums earlier. I heard on Richard Friend’s Youtube channel he used a Microtek Scanmaker 9800XL (12x18). I ended up getting that one for only $450. I think they were well over $2,000 when they came out in 2004. It’s actually a really nice scanner. Kinda big and slow to scan, but great outcome. Also, you have to use VueScan which is like $30 because their software is out of date.

Looks like that Mustek was a lot cheaper. That teaches me the lesson to not visit MillerWorld more regularly.

thanks again.


Mustek can be hit or miss. I’ve had one that lasted about 6 years and I had one that barely lasted 6 months.

The latest suggestions I’ve seen have been these:

Comb through the specs and reviews to see which one would work best for you.


Thanks @AlexThompson.

I hope the scanner doesn’t break down in months, shit.

I’ll keep an eye on those other brands if it does.


No problem! The Musteks are usually so cheap that it’s worth the risk. But it sucks when you’re caught off guard and go to scan pages and out of the blue it doesn’t work at all.