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Berlin terror suspect leaves ID in truck


Isn’t this a little odd? Why do these Jihadists always carry ID with them on suicide missions, like the passports found on everyone earlier in the year or, weirdest of all, the paper passports found in the rubble of the Twin Towers identifying the terrorists (as reported that day on BBC News).



Maybe they needed identification to begin the enactment of their terror? To give a clear signal who did it so their families will be taken care of by the terror financial backers and for their group to legitimately take credit for the action?


I think it’s a signal to Trump to show that making all Muslims carry ID won’t actually help.


Terrorist or no terrorist, he did not want to get carded and come up empty!


Sidebar, it sucks having been a fan and supporter of the former psych metal band Isis where I can’t wear their band shirt in public without scrutiny, nor tote too loudly I interviewed 3 of the members. What a messed up world we’re in right now. Aaron Turner and the guys did the right thing breaking up, sad to say.


Could always be used to spread disinformation. But I do not think that is the case…


Maybe they’re worried they’ll be sent back to Earth, if they don’t carry the correct form of identification.


Also, maybe they’re just that dumb.


Same question for Charlie Hebdo attack or Bataclan’s killing, the terrorists’ ID were found in their car after the shootings.


They don’t get the smartest or most stable guys to perform these acts.


Also, these people aren’t professional fighters or anything like that. It likely hasn’t even occurred to terrorists to not empty their pockets before they go on a rampage because it’s not something they’d usually do.

Plus, if they’re planning to martyr themselves it probably doesn’t matter to them.


I’m pretty sure that they want the world to know who they are. That’s one of the main ways to wrangle angry young men apart from giving them a purpose, giving them notoriety and standing within society.

Of course that standing is in how they see society from their eyes… I imagine the worst thing to happen to these guys is that no one would remember or know they did it…

There should be a blanket policy that terrorists are immediately marked as ‘unknown’ but it would be too hard to implement. Violence only causes further violence so any way you can deter these men psychologically is far more effective.

No mistakes with terrorism have been learnt and the continued plan is to fight fire with fire. And that just causes more fire.


As crazy as it sounds, I wonder if there’s some book of martyrs to join their names, something recording their sacrifices to legitimize their pass to the next promised life. I don’t pretend to know anything about the diatribes, and only because of Malcolm X did I look into true Islam. It’s there where I draw my line because I would like to know more about the genuine fundamentals of the religion, but I want nothing to do with FUNDAMENTALISM, if you get me.


No, it’s not personal infamy they’re after, it’s a worldwide caliphate.


No, that is the purpose they’ve been given and latched onto. It is not what they personally want out of life. They want a purpose that gives their life meaning. That life will be meaningless if no one knows what it achieved to the ends of the purpose.

This is the biggest problem with people’s view of terrorism, they see the purpose as the thing to focus on and not the psychology and happiness of the individuals involved.

It’s a fallacy that constantly costs lives and will continue to do so.


You’re applying a Western mentality to their actions. What a lot of Western terrorists want infamy.

These guys want to subjugate the world to their radical interpretation of Islam.


Human beings want the same basic things from life no matter where they are from. They are not a different species somehow part of a collective religious mind. They just want their lives to be worthwhile and mean something like everyone else. The caliphate focus has simply provided it where no one or nothing else has for those individuals.


I’m not saying they’re a different species, just that I disagree with your assessment.


I think they want to be known to fellow radicals if they die, so they get the glory of having “shahid” appended to their name.


There’s one more reason we haven’t really mentioned yet. If we assume that leaving the ID is not an individual choice, but rather one of the instructions by the IS, it obviously has a lot of advantages.

There is nothing to be gained, for the IS, from the attacker remaining incognito. There is, maybe, a slim chance that he’d stay free and have the opportunity to do it again, but in the end, that is very unlikely and risky. On the other hand, showing everybody that he came to Germany as a refugee? As closely as possible to the attack itself? Yeah, that’ll fuck the situation right up.

Predictable response is the CSU and AfD blaming all refugees and Merkel for the attack, general xenophobia rising and anti-refugee and anti-muslim hatred and violence rising. Thus making recruitment easier for the IS.