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Been doing a little market-research on Empress #1


Okay, so I’ve got about 28 stores around America and the UK I regular tap for info. It’s a broad mix of huge megastores down to tiny little one-person operations and pretty reflective of the industry, covering the wide cash and geographical differences in the market. I always, always ask these men and women for advice. ALWAYS. They’re on the front lines. These guys see and hear everything. Their experience in INVALUABLE.

So I asked them what they were planning to order on Empress #1, art by Stuart Immonen, which we launch from Icon this April. Their answer surprised me. I suspected it would be in line with Chrononauts, which did a whopping 68,000 on #1 over two printings and an overprint. But the standard for Empress #1 seems to be in line with Jupiter’s Legacy #1, which launched at 140,000 units in 2013 across several different covers. If this really is replicated with Empress, and I guess it’s a space opera book right after Star Wars with Marvel’s biggest artist (who also just got poached off their number one title, Star Wars) I guess that makes sense.

I’ll keep you posted. Initials should be here over the next few weeks. I really think Marvel’s variant cover initiative has been great here too. We’ve got Sean Murphy and Steve McNiven variants, the latter of which gets released this week. Also, there’s a special Skottie Young retailer variant which will be ultra-exclusive as only available to stores signed up to the Millarworld forum. Then of course there’s the secret variant I can’t tell you about until March, but you will absolutely want more than anything when you hear who’s drawing.

Here’s the Chrononauts info below, btw. Very exciting times!




I think people are going to love this book. Immonen is turning in amazing pages.


I’m so delighted to hear this. I hope this book is a huge hit.


Really glad you have the retailer’s forum, Mark. It is bound to be very useful. Sounds to me like a 150K initial run is about right. You have been caught up before by being more popular than you thought, needing multiple reprints to meet demand. Really don’t like multiple prints of an issue, as a reader/collector it’s a bit crazymaking. Variant covers are bad enuf!

One question - is this set before or after the K-T extinction event? Or is that a plot point?


Are you looking for an advisory role on this? You never have told us the story of how you made it through. :wink:


Now, now, Ronnie. Infinite knowledge requires infinite time. You don’t want to take that time just now, do you? You just started to recover from getting a year older! I guarantee, epochs are a lot more tedious!


This is brilliant to hear. Can’t wait for Empress. The artwork looks amazing.

Also, maybe it will solve the mystery of the Ta Prohm stegosaurus? Early marketing campaign by a beyond top secret Chrononauts team?


Aw, that ain’t a stegosaurus. That’s just my old dog, Fluffy.


I thought Fluffy had three heads or did you sell Hagrid a defective clone?


Wouldn’t do that to Haggie! Different Fluffy!