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Beat My Characters...I want you to!


Last week, I put up a blog post, challenging the LACK of consideration of pitting indie titles and creations against one another – a strange absence considering how Hulk vs. Superman or Woman Woman vs. Storm are almost rites of passage to the comic lexicon. Sure we’ll have our guys be better versions of Supes, Bats, Spidey, etc…more comfortable with a “David & Goliath” match than truly seeing if our characters have what it takes to rate on that same pop cultural scale.

So…I give anyone and everyone free reign to produce any piece of work of their characters BEATING mine! I’m sure I have fans who would argue otherwise…!



Way back a few years ago we used to run a board competition called the Superhero Fantasy League. 20 of us would draft a team of 5-6 characters and they’d match up each week with other teams and folks would vote on who would win the fight. We’d tally up votes every week and eventually top teams would meet in playoffs before we’d have an overall winner. Teams generally stuck to their base team, so Justice League vs Avengers vs Guardians vs XMen vs Fantastic Four vs Teen Titans and so on.

To say it became a thing is an understatement. I believe we ran 6-7 seasons all in all, and folks really got into their teams. We may have gotten a little competitive. We even ran a villains only season (where the owners eventually turned evil and conspired against each other), one for Indie characters, one for movie characters and more.

Twas fun. I think the who’d win in a fight remains the cornerstone of many comic fans hearts.


The Villain Fantasy League was the zenith of them all that saw an actual Cabal and a finale that was far less “Who would win a fight?” and way more absurdist, surrealist psychological warfare between owners that had little to do with comic book characters.

I loved taking the game completely off the rails!



What is this Superhero Fantasy League? Pray tell of; I have never heard of such an operation.

What a fascinating concept but one unlikely to gain traction around these parts, I fear.

We are a rational, serious, considered bunch…


TVs Daredevil v Tvs Green Arrow!