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Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Cut - SPOILERS


Okay then.
Well here’s my now un-spoilered review.

As someone who originally enjoyed BvS but found it heavily flawed, the Ultimate Cut did smooth out the narrative bumps - but didn’t really change the narrative in a way that is less flawed. If that makes sense.
The added scenes are kind of reminiscent of the Deluxe Edition of Punk Rock Jesus - where Murphy didn’t really add to the story but otherwise just put stuff that punctuated existing content.

The only real exception is the complete recontextualization of the Senate Hearing subplot, which takes a huge 180 and becomes less of a drag and somewhat goofy. But I found that still light because the movie ends up playing out the same way anyway. It does wonders at making Lex seem like a schemer and making Lois feel actually intrepid, but once the bomb goes off it doesn’t really matter anymore.

Other than that, I think I ended up enjoying at the same level. Except one new addition is now my favorite shot of the movie - Lex standing on top of LexCorp Tower watching the sun rise as news chatter plays about how successfully he has framed Superman. It’s awesome.


Tom, was there any change in most of the editing? Is everything still cut 20 frames too early like an early MTV monkey?


The additional stuff makes that less jarring, the rest is Snyder’s own eclecticness


Yeah, I’m betting it was the editor on studio exhortations.


Watching it now, scenes are in different order and the order makes much more sense, not to mention I feel like we got a broken cut in the theatres. Much more streamlined, maybe will change people’s feelings on it, maybe. Also important scenes in this were cut in the theatrical cut, which is stupid because the theatrical cuts plot holes seem like they were screwed because of the editing.


Ok back from finishing it.

Theatrical I gave a 5/10, but this director’s cut made me jump to a 8/10.

They seriously sold a broken movie in theatres, so many plot hole’s were fixed here.

Their is still some minor issues but this is what we should have gotten in theatres.


Just watched it. So, so much more cohesive than the theatrical cut. Actually gave some weight to Lex’s plan, and tied some previously disparate plot pieces together. Clark actually did some reporting stuff, and didn’t seem like a guest star in his own movie. Three hours long is…a slog, though. And the movie is, while much better than the theatrical cut, still basically a dumpster fire. But I really liked it this time around. I think this movie is going to be one of my guilty pleasures, and I hope it continues to age well for me.


Just finished it too… I love it even more…

I don’t remember the TC well enough to spot all the differences, or the scene orders (gonna have to watch it again for comparaison’s sake), but there’s a lot of new stuff, that indeed fills a lot of what’s going on in the movie. I don’t want to say they fill the TC’s “plot-holes” because I didn’t feel there were any in the TC, but a lot of people did, so there =/

One thing I’m not necessarily a fan about this cut is that they actually make the plot more obvious, in regards to Luthor’s plan… They even go as far as to reveal it earlier than in the TC. In the TC, the jar of piss scene has A LOT more impact because that’s the moment you realise that Luthor’s behind it all and that shit is about to hit the fan, whereas in this cut, since they’ve already spelled it out, it hold less weight. But hey, while I don’t feel the extra scenes weren’t necessary for a cohesive plot, they do add A LOT to the movie, specially in terms of everyone’s motivations…

We get a lot more Clark being a reporter investigating the Bat, which leads to really cement his view on Batman and the reasons why he want him to stop. Lois investigation is probably the plot that benefits the most from the DC since she gets a better and more involved narrative, and in fact solves many complaints about her involvement in the TC and other things, like Lex being charged at the end. Even Bruce gets some more scenes that also help establish his urgency to get rid of this living god and the whole thing seems less forced because of it.

Point being, this cut should appease a lot of complains about the movie, and it’s a fuckin puzzle as to why they decided to release a lesser version in theaters… yes it’s half an hour longer… it doesn’t matter, it makes for a MUCH better movie overall. I think the lesson here is that they should let their movies breathe sometimes… People can take a 3h long movie, as long as they’re prepared for it.

Now on the other hand, it’s still basically the same movie, so whomever hated it because Zack Snyder, I don’t think they will change their minds. If they hated it because of Superman’s depiction, o Lex’s or whomever, same deal. If they thought Batman was too violent… heh, he’s even more violent this time around :smile:

Personally I liked it a lot first time around, and now I love it even more… Great examination of the character, and a great take on the Superman mythos for sure (this and MOS). Oh and BTW, no the e-mail scene didn’t magically get better… it’s still super awkward and dumb… I was kind of expecting them to adress that and at least change the logos on the mail, make it seem more “secret”. And it still has a couple of issues that grate me a bit, but I can forgive them in the name of expediency and narrative.

At any rate, I’m looking forward to see what everyone thinks of it, and if it changed people’s mind about it.

Oh, last thoughts… Please Warner, don’t be idiots and let Snyder complete his vision. And let JL be as long as it needs. THAT is the lesson here…


On the other hand… there might be some back-pedaling going forward :smile:

(spoiler-filled, btw)


I love the fact that you can read this in two completely opposing ways. :slight_smile:


ha! yeah, good catch =P


There’s a big breakdown of all the changes here:

A lot of these actually sound pretty good.


While I’ve read elsewhere that the plot does get a bit juicier, I feel obliged in pointing out an error of logic in implying “I don’t think there were any plot-holes before, but this new version clears them up anyway.”


What I meant is the additions add a lot to the story… like they show a lot more in detail what’s happening instead of just glossing over it and talking about it later and leaving viewers to fill those in… Were there any “plot holes” to begin with? Not if you ask me (or not any huge important ones at least), but a lot of people did think so… But then again a lot of people mis-use the term “plot hole” so there ya go :smile:

Point being, the narrative is much more streamlined and complete and specially: smoother. The jumps and edits between scenes don’t feel as jarring because of it, and they new narrative is much easier to follow because they add a lot more little (but revealing) details… That said, and again this is just my experience of the TC, but I didn’t feel like I needed these new scenes to understand the plot in the first place, but they do add a lot more in terms of plot and character developpment.

It’s really a weird weird thing that Warner opted to go with the TC, because this cut is just better. I’d like to know who was responsible for the TC edits, and if it was Snyder himself, well, he should hire someone else to do that sort of stuff…

Funny thing is, I really believe this cut would’ve gotten the movie past the magical billion mark. Sooo… Warner’s loss I guess. And Snyder took a massive beating for not fighting enough for his 3h cut.


I’m going to reluctantly pick up on this point, but one of the most common complaints was that the movie was far too long. I think adding an extra 30 mins into the theatrical release would have resulted in even poorer ticket sales.


Well yeah, that’s obviously what their train of thought was… But this 3h version is clearly better than the particular cut they went with for theaters… I mean, they could’ve cut it differently and shave more from the action scenes and that sort of stuff, but they didn’t.

But on the subject of length… not that it matters much, but 1) Most superhero/scifi/action blockbusters are 2-2.5 hours these days… I mean, people sat through the Return of the King and didn’t complain (too much =P) or at least it made A LOT of money and 2) if you ever see this cut, you’ll maybe find that it doesn’t feel as long as the TC, because the narrative is more complete and more immersive. Well, that’s how I felt anyways, but then again I watched it at home and I don’t mind super long movies in the first place… I always go prepared to the theaters for a long movie anyways xD


I’ll get round to watching it at home, there’s definitely parts of the movie I want to see again.

I think a longer cut is something I can tolerate better in the comfort of my own home. I can pause it or come back to it. I have real issues with movies in the cinema that break the 2hrs mark and that has been a problem for me with a lot of the Marvel movies. I thought Civil War was good but again it was too long. Very seldom do these movies merit the runtime.

I thought the Lord of the Rings extended cuts were like a punishment to sit through and Return of the King was far too long to sit through in the cinema.

It’s worse now that I have kids and a 2.5 hour movie ends up being half a day used up to go to the cinema.


The ultimate cut was really good. And the fact that people are changing their minds about the movie is all good news to me. :smile:


Its also about screentime.

How many theatres want a 3 hour film when they can get more money the more screenings?


That’s a huge bump. :smile: