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Sometimes a comic is so great it requires its own thread. This is one of those comics.

Clearly the best book of the year so far, clearly a book that should be discussed for generations to come, this book is one of those rare occasions where premise meets genius and all elements are executed perfectly. It should be required reading for every forum member.

Hyperbole aside, I loved this book. It’s a riot. Tom King it seems can write anything. If you missed it i suggest you check it out. Honestly. I can’t believe it either.


Sold out pretty fast here.

I don’t know if I can link to it, but 4.5 pages from it are on Scans Daily (fair use?) for those curious about how it looks.

How about we just link to the perfectly legal Comixology store page with its three preview pages?


There are more pages in the official preview:


Read it, love Lee Weeks, this is a masterpiece…Will Eisner would be proud I think…the artwork was supple and powerful…the story is great, a small story…not enough of that in the regular bat books…


The thing that truly makes this book remarkable is both the seriousness and the new vision it takes with the Looney Tunes characters.

I’m gonna get a little spoilery – so here’s your warning…

Using the LT crew as a sort of rogues gallery was a stroke of genius, worthy of Millarworld acclaim, as it’s the type of new life Mark has breathed into storytelling time and again. We know these guys; Bugs, Yosemite, Foghorn and Elmer…and King expertly used that sense of familiarity. He didn’t ‘waste time’ setting up anyone OTHER than Fudd (weaving that exposition into an easily caption-able inner monologue), and we’re easily able to figure out everyone’s place by their actions and surroundings.

Batman is almost a Deus Ex Machina tool, with his legend being so innately engrained, he just comes in being The Bat (and quite well, I might add) and it hits every beat we expect and love. Jim is right, this is easily the book of the year…at least until Jupiter’s Legacy drops! :smiley: #MakeMineMillarworld

JL5 is beautiful, but this work is so creative and confident it’s amazing. For Tom King to have written this and Vision, he’s an incredible talent. He has the Millar ability to take something no-one else had done anything new with and pointed out how amazing the concept is. Like we’re all dummies and he can see the answer that’s staring us in the face. He goes from A to D while we can’t get past B.

His gift for reinvention is just incredible - far better I think than just regular storytelling. Millar is strongest when you give him a property and he turns it up to 11 - the Avengers, Flash Gordon, Superman, Captain Marvel, Spiderman, the Marvel Universe in general - he has a track record of taking a property and going to the next step in the thought process rather than just staying where everyone else is. Knowing Mark as I do, he doesn’t get bogged down in what came before, you tell him a concept, he runs it through his brain and he’s three moves ahead in what the concept means and how to tell a story about it.

In single panels King took a Loony Tune character and breathed new life in him, painted them as a rogues gallery that would fit right in with the Batman world. He’s a genius clearly, and I can’t wait to see what else he writes. It’s been years since I was this excited by a new writer.


I 100000% agree!!

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He said so himself:

I honestly don’t care who I write, who they give me. You make the best of what you have. Moore made Watchmen with the Charltons characters. You can do anything with anyone.

He’s a genius, but I think he’s being wasted on the ongoing Batman series. His true strenght seems to be characters that haven’t been used in a long time like Vision or Omega Men, which is why I’m really excited for his upcoming Mister Miracle series.


That’s actually HOW he writes. When Didio asked him who he (and Mitch Gerads) wanted to do at DC, after the War of Jokes and Riddles got moved to the main Batman book, he responded “I don’t work best that way. Better you tell me someone who no one else wants, and who you might want me to write”.

So Didio came back with Mister Miracle or the Atomic Knights.

King picked Miracle, and that’s who Gerads preferred as well.

Very excited to see the result.


Well there you go. That’s why I think he’s being wasted on the Batman ongoing even though the Elmer Fudd one shot was brilliant. He works better with those out of the box fringe characters. I love Batman but he’s always doing fine with other writers. I’d like to see other stuff. But of course, DC would be crazy not to put their new breakout talent on their biggest character.

I would really like to see that Atomic Knights story though.

Also, Lee Weeks should be on everything.

Like, everything.

Superman and Batman especially.


How is he being wasted on the Batman ongoing?

We need to get away from their mentality that ongoing comics are the poor relations to mini series that provide a platform for creators.

The ongoings should be the lifeblood of the company. The bread and butter. The big two have gone to the shitter because they keep launching big creators in new books. Leverage your historic and legacy titles, that’s why you are where you are in this world, without these legacy ongoing books there would be no DC or Marvel.

They’ve had Morrison then Snyder then King on Batman and it’s been a top book and top seller for about 7 or 8 consecutive years now. If King decides to move on they should replace him with someone of equal calibre and look to replicate that on their other ongoings (which to be fair they are doing just now on detective, superman and action).


From the DC thread; sorry don’t remember seeing this. Well done Jim on recognising the need for it.

I know someone else read it, Robert maybe, I just got to it last night…how good was Batman/Elmer Fudd?
I thought that was a really clever take, putting a bit of a Sin City/Ed Brubaker’s Criminal universe style, hard boiled noir spin on the Looney Toons characters…and also pulling it off…Tom King is living up to all the hype, continually. Really creative and dialogue for Elmer was perfect, not to mention some of the other character with some superb touches;
My name is Elmer Fudd
He’s Batman
And we’re hunting wabbits
Lee Weeks art here again makes me wonder why he’s not being showcased on a top title somewhere - the man’s an artistic genius. This was a brilliant piece of work.
I’d actually like this in hardcover format. It will be a really thin volume, but they could make it oversize to showcase the art. I’d like to have it on my crime shelves along with the types of book I’ve mentioned above.
The lack of widespread buzz on this is another indicator that there’s far too many books out there. The real genius stuff is slipping under the radar with the weight of books on the market.
Too many publishers, too many books, too many writers and artists.
If there is a bit of a rough spell there could be some good come of it, the industry needs to contract.


I love that this is developing such a cult following. Guaranteed to be reprinted in King’s eventual “best of” collection.

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