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Badly Written Fictional Deaths


Superman’s death has bugged me since I was a child.

So they just smack each other in the face and that’s it, they kill each other? A draw?? What an utter waste of potential. Supes is clearly lying there dying, and nobody thought to try and help? Lois just holds him and everyone just looks on as he dies from what seems to be internal bleeding. No writer at DC thought that it might be incredibly poignant to let Superman win but have him succumb to these internal injuries because doctors couldn’t break his bulletproof skin in order to operate and save him? Having his super power be the thing that ironically leads to his demise. Even I realized they missed a trick when I read it at the time and I was, like, eleven or something.

So, what’s the most terribly ill-conceived death scene you’ve ever read/seen?


I’ll post an actual written one later but this is the worst I’ve ever seen:


This sounds really familiar. Did Bends do something like this will Luke Cage in his Avengers run (though without the actual dying bit)?


Secret War tie-in, actually.


Yeah. That sounds right.


Missed that, but it sounds like a bit of a cop out if he lived.


It was in the first issue of his Secret War mini.,320.jpg


So it took a while to find the image online but this is the WORST. DEATH. EVER in my opinion.
So in the Ultimates, Dr Strange battles Dormammu (as he does) but he gets his ass kicked by the villain. I’m ok with that. Strange is close to being OP anyway. So Dr Strange isn’t perfect…even if his abs are…

Anyway, this is the final showdown between Strange and his nemesis. It’s Ali vs Frazier, it’s Hagler vs, Hearns it’s Tyson vs Givens… You get the idea. And so Strange dies at the hands of Dromammu by having his cape wrap really tightly around him until his head pops like a zit.

Seriously? No massive storm of evil magic? No maelstrom of malice?

That’s how you’re going to finish off the Sorcerer Supreme? Turning him into a human burrito!? Man, that’s the kind of thing that should happen to Gambit.




Yes, that is a terribly written death. It’s the sort of red shirt death you should see to clarify the villain’s evil and power, not for a hero and main character. Not only is there no heroism or sacrifice or even point to the death itself. There’s no stopping for feels and the bad guy wins. What an waste of a good death scene.


Black Panther falling and breaking his neck in the Age of Ultron mini.