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Back to Future 2 reviled?


I heard two random podcasts in the past couple of weeks sort of halfway mention the back to the future series, and all parties involved both had much hatred for it.

It’s unquestionably my favorite of the trilogy, and I love the world building it has.


It often gets a bit of stick for the complexity of the timeline stuff (and the relative lack of focus on the character relationships compared to 1 and 3), but I love it.

All the future stuff might look a bit dated today but it’s still fun, and the final act of the film - that revisits the first movie - is pure genius. I often hear it cited as an inspiration by other filmmakers for scenes that revisit previous scenes or movies from a fresh perspective.


It’s not as good as the first, but I much prefer it to the third. It can’t be that reviled, given how much everyone always bangs on about how 2015 isn’t matching up to the film’s predictions/where’s my hoverboard etc.


The older I get, the more I like 3, but 2 has always been my favorite. The last third is genius.


I don’t like the first act, where they’re in 2015, but the rest of it, when they go back to the alternate 1985 and then to 1955 again, is great.


I still don’t think it’s quite as great as the first film though. That first movie is just so tight, story-wise.


Good BTTF discussion on the nerdist podcast with Chris Pratt.


I heard that Back to the Future 2 talk, I believe on the Nerdist. I thought their opinions were outliers and they knew it and spoke of it that way. Back to the Future 2 rules, it’s one of the best sequels ever made.


I love the first movie, the second one is fine but it’s more contrived rather than clever and overly concerned with setting up part 3 rather than telling it’s own story.

Like many people, I have the box set of DVDs and the movies come on TV quite often. I’ve watched the first film a great deal more than either of the sequels.


Are you suggesting that Avengers: Infinity War will end with a cheesy monologue about how we’re free to choose our own destiny as the future hasn’t been written yet?


Maybe. That and a ****ing huge fight.


I love Back to the Future 2. The first is still my favorite, but only barely.


couple of Christmases ago my step dad was amazed that I could tell it was BTTF2 coming on just by the first 10 seconds of it. When “Something’s Changed” hits just after the credits start…

I love that film.

It’s not a middle part with no character stuff. It’s the first half of a sequel.


2 has always been my favourite too (and I watched it very recently and that didn’t change). 3 I’m not so keen on because I’ve never been much of a fan of westerns.


The first Back to the Future has always been my favourite, but I was very into skateboarding back in 89 when BTTF 2 (or Back to the Future Part 2 to give it the full title) came out, and still love the bit with the hoverboards.

I am much older now and must say that thus far I am finding 2015 a bit of a disappointment. No hovercars. No Jaws 15 directed by Max Spielberg…