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Babylon 5 discussion thread


We’ve been talking off and on about doing this, and given that B5 has hit streaming services again, is anyone interested in doing a discussion?

If yes, how do we want to run it? I’d suggest maybe do The Gathering, then do episodes of series 1 in batches because there’s a bunch that don’t have a huge amount to talk about, and then revisit when and if we make it to series 2?

I remember @garjones saying he was interested in watching the show and hadn’t seen it before, so we’ll also need to talk about the foreshadowing and spoilers aspect too.



The Vorlons, Shadows, etc.

It was good storytelling


It doesn’t seem to be on my Netflix (or the regional alternative iFlix).

Never mind though, if you go ahead I’ll just torrent the thing.


I am in.
Best sci fi show ever.
The Expanse is close though


It’s not on any streaming services here; the only one I can see is Amazon Prime in the US. I have all the DVDs though.


Ooh, yes, I’d be up for that.


Looks like Lorcan is a completely untrustworthy liar, again.


Anyone misbehaving in this thread gets nuked.


My namesake:


My favourite show ever. Not sure I can break out the DVD’s again, at this point in time. But, I don’t necessarily need to. A lot of this is burnt into my memory. I would definitely be up for a discussion thread on this.



Hey Lorcan, do you know anywhere in the uk I can watch this other than buy on DVD?


Unfortunately not, It’s been added to Amazon Prime, but apparently only in the US?

EDIT: But the DVDs are pretty cool. The bonus features are actually worthwhile! (Except for the movies box, the Region 2 version of that doesn’t include In the Beginning or The Gathering, because they had gotten bare-bones individual releases prior to the box sets)


You can buy seasons on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.



I’ve been meaning to watching to watch it for years - knowing my luck I’ll buy it and it will come on Netflix a week later :joy:


Given how cheap the DVDs have gotten, it’ll be worth it for the cast commentaries on series 2-5. The series 2 one with Bruce Boxleitner, Jerry Doyle and Claudia Christian just goofing around had me in tears.


The B5 gag reels are all hilarious as well.


Way to start with a spoiler dude :grin:


I have to say, that picture got me in the feels


Just saying, I might have stuck The Gathering on this evening.