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Baby Driver (Spoilers in a day or two)

I’ve been waiting patiently to discuss this but it seems only myself @PaulF and @RobertB have watched this so far, I have to implore you all to go see it in the cinema.

As Robert says there’s maybe 8 superhero films a year but a film like this comes only every few years. A friend of mine saw it in the cinema Friday night and only 5 people were in and that’s just insane for a movie this good. It’s a film with so many wonderful moments i want to discuss them at length so maybe this thread will also have a slow uptake just like people seeing the thing but I am yet to hear absolutely anyone be negative about the film as a whole. I just feel like it needs championed and discussed here a little more as i think it’s a film that will resonate strongly with nearly everyone here. It’s joyful, entertaining cinema and definitely worth seeing in the cinema even if you do find it not up your street for any reason.

As my mate put it last night, Edgar Wright is making ‘real’ films now. He’s no longer indie, this is really, really strong, timeless, Hollywood cinema, and that’s rare these days. Keep your spoilers blurred until others get the chance to see it, please. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll start.

I LOVED the start coming almost directly from the Mint Royal music video where the idea was used by Wright. The video with Noel Fielding flicking up on the TV screen at one point was brilliant.

Ansel Elgort was far better than i thought he would be. Everyone in this film was great, and it was a rare occasion where actors both seemed to be having fun and the film was better because of it!

Jamie Foxx death scene was awesome, i wasn’t expecting that at all.

The comedy was so spot on, i keep remembering great lines and moments.

The opening credits… This was so well done, watching each line pop up and how it was fit in. it’s almost like a homage to music videos in general and worked so well to introduce Baby.

Was at a wedding last night and now every song with ‘Baby’ in the lyrics has changed slightly for me :joy:


Thank you for the recommendation. I need to see it this week.



What’s interesting with Baby Driver is how much more advertisement it seems to be getting compared to Transformers. I keep seeing Baby Driver adverts on the tv and posters in cities. I’m not sure if they’re advertising it this heavily outside of the UK, but it’s certainly visible here. If people aren’t going to see it, I don’t think it’s because they don’t know about it.

I liked the film a lot, but don’t seem to love it as much as you. I’m still trying to figure out why that is.
My overriding thought after I first saw it was that Edgar Wright could make a pretty great Hawkguy film. I was especially reminded of the sign language issue, and I love that he used a deaf character in his movie about music in the first place.


Saw it. Loved it. One of my favourite films of the year, easily.


I forgot, you saw a preview didn’t you Kandor? Sorry I had a feeling i remembered someone else. But to be fair this could be another ‘Predator’ situation :wink:

To be fair i am gushing, and i said this in another thread, because there is a lot here that feels personal to what I love, but it seems to be getting strong love from most, even people I know irl who are super hard to please in terms of entertainment and that’s more why I posted. It’s pretty much in my top ten ‘best’ and ‘favourite’ films which is not always the same thing and has prob only happened maybe half the time I think.


Hey it’s okay, I’m only playing. Yeah, I saw a preview. The second time I saw it was a weekday afternoon and I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people there (even though they disappointed me with their lack of laughter).
For some reason it took my second viewing for me to get that when they refer to people with nasal problems, they mean snorting drugs. Kinda stupid that I never got it at first but oh well.


There’s a few things like that where it could have easily gone Tarantino dialogue wise but kept it pretty pg13 but still impactful on a realistic level. I enjoyed that Foxx was pretty much a ‘real’ version of motherfucker jones.

I saw this last week, and can echo all the sentiments above. My cheeks hurt from smiling afterwards.

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Yeah this movie is just a a ton of fun to watch. The car chases and action scenes are fantastic, as is the soundtrack. And the way both are cut together is quite special to watch.

And I don’t know if you’d call it a twist, but I liked that in the end it came down to Jon Hamm being the last bad guy, and not Jaime Foxx as the film seemed to be suggesting early on.


Yeah, I thought that was great too. As was the handling of Kevin Spacey as someone who helps Baby in the end. The trailers focused on his threats, and underlying menace. It was nice to just see him be ultimately nice.


I enjoyed it very much. It is my roommate’s new favorite movie. He’s heavily evangelizing it and has seen it four times so far in different groups. He’s going again today.


Sounds like me and him would get on :joy:


I really liked it. Wright-wise, I still prefer Hot Fuzz, but it’s one of my favourite movies of the year so far.

As I said before, I do wish there was another car chase late in the movie. The two they have are great, but they’re both fairly early in the film. It feels like there would have been another one in the third act if the budget allowed it.

The good news is that the movie made almost as much in its opening weekend as Scott Pilgrim did in its entire run, on barely half the budget:


Kermode has been on board for a while so this review is no surprise.


By the end of the week it will be Wright’s highest-grossing movie in North America. That’s great to hear and well deserved.

I love a movie where within the first 15 minutes you think “anything could happen in the movie and it wouldn’t surprise me.” It’s an exhilarating feeling and a reminder of how conservative most movies are.

It’s also a great reminder of how awesome John Spencer Blues Explosion’s “Bellbottoms” is.


I saw Baby Driver this weekend as well. Loved it. The music and editing was fantastic. What a fun movie.


This was a lot of fun to watch, and the soundtrack is gorgeous. Really impressed by how much effort Wright has put in to the sound mixing.

I do, however, have a couple of quibbles: [spoiler]Both the female leads seem secondary in the film, as in they’re only there as a plot device for why Baby and Buddy do what they do. It would’ve been nice to see their characters developed further.

Also, in reality, the group would’ve been really easy for the cops to track when they changed cars after the chases. Appreciate it’s a tiny point in the grand scheme of things, but for such a glorious movie, it felt like a simple oversight.[/spoiler]


Yeah, it won’t pass the Bechdel test in a hurry. Probably the only way to have done that would be making John Hamm’s character a woman because I think we’re supposed to infer that Debra is very much alone in the world or feels that way hence her wanting to leave. A scene involving her home situation may have worked, but as Baby is our POV throughout that would be very difficult to work in.

As for the other niggle my plot-holing brain imagined that that was the beginning of a series of car changes and splitting up eventually ending up on foot and then on public transport before meeting up again, we just didn’t get to see it all. :grinning:

I actually have an issue myself… Doc seems to have an out of character change of heart very abruptly. A short time before he was happy to threaten true love despite having been there himself. In my head I’ve explained it off as him feeling bad and flattered in equal measure when he found out Baby wasn’t lying about recording them to make music and that’s his real reason for the change of heart. I would have liked a scene of him sitting looking through the tapes to highlight this, but again, we only see in Baby’s POV the whole time…


Yep, agree wholeheartedly with your final point. I wouldn’t be surprised if, once the DVD comes out, there is a deleted scene to explain Doc’s rapid change of heart. But it did seem out of place and rather jarring.