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Avengers post-phase 3 fan cast


Sooo… I got the idea from another thread, but basically we all know the current MCU actor’s contracts are bound to expire at some point… which begs the question: Will they reboot or recast the roles?

Assuming they’ll recast (which would be the smart choice, IMO) who would you guys like to pick up the roles post Infinity War? Who do you think would be good enough?

Here are my picks (along with some very crude photoshop jobs I did, except the cap one which I found on google and is very well made), based on likeness and the fact that they all are pretty decent actors…

Honestly, if they did Avengers 4 with a cast like this, I wouldn’t even flinch and I’d definetly go see it, but how about you?

Edit: Replaced the image with better edits… so they’re recognizable… Needless to say these are a bit tongue-in-cheek cast sugestions =P


I don’t recognise who any of those are. Care to list the names?


Yeah sure:

Jensen Ackles (aka Dean Winchester) as Cap
Liam Hemsworth (aka Thor Jr)
Gerry Buttler (aka This-is-Sparta-man)
Amber Heard as Widow
Blake Ritson as Stark

and Bruce Bana, of course :smile:


Haha think that might have been me speculating on the Marvel Movie thread…
For my own fantasy casting Avengers

Iron Man: Jake Gyllenhaal
Captain America: Dan Stevens
Thor: Arme Hammer
Hulk: Ben Wishaw
Black Widow: Saiorse Ronan
Hawkeye: Sam Rockwell

I’ll also chuck in a new Spider-man: Daniel Radcliffe


Pedro pascal as Stark.


I’m going with Erica Bana again too.
In my opinion, his performance and the writing for his character has yet to be topped.


Well, the discussion pops from time to time, and considering we’re approaching the end-game of the MCU (Infinity War), it’s gonna be a hot topic in the years to come I think =P

I like your suggestions though… except for Gyllenhaal… He’s waaaay too mellow for Stark… But they’re all much younger, which is something I didn’t really think about =P

Also, I know Amber Heard still looks a bit weird as my choice, but seriously, they look pretty much alike:


Yeah, honestly, I was watching a movie with Bana yesterday and I kept thinking “man, they should’ve asked him to come back as Banner”… Plus he and Ruffalo have both the same type of look, so it fits pretty well… They’re more alike than Ruffalo and Norton at any rate :slight_smile:


I don’t think Marvel were remotely concerned about finding a lookalike to replace Norton.

Who is an excellent actor and who did a very good job with the character.

I do prefer Ruffalo though. He does a better job as a rumpled misfit IMHO.


Bana had a good handle on the quiet fury and the vulnerability.
I think that Ang Lee’s Hulk is a comic movie that will find it’s place and time.


In the end, the human side is only half the equation.

Ruffalo is (as I said) my favourite of the recent actors but the reason this matters is that the Hulk worked so well in ‘Avengers’.

For a change, Hulk was a smash!


I liked the Hulk in it too.
He was…very sympathetic. Lee did a good job with the design work.

And when he got mad at the end…that was cathartic as hell.


Jake Gyllenhall played a cocky guy in Everest. It’s the most similar role to Stark that I’ve seen him in so far. He’s a great actor though, I think he’d be up for the challenge.


I like Gyllenhall but I’m just not sure he has the charisma. Given what an asshole they’ve made Stark in some of these movies, you really need someone with ridiculously high levels of charisma to keep him even vaguely likeable.


They should probably stop making him an asshole.
Cap was acting like a dick in AoU too. I feel they’ve taken too much influence from Ultimates.


I don’t agree. People sometimes claim the Ultimates was all about cynical assholes, but go back and read it and they all feel like rounded characters whose heroism outweighs their flaws.

MCU Stark is in danger of tipping that balance at this point - they’ve got a very fine line to walk with making him the antagonist in Cap 3.


Well rounded, sure. But still assholes, apart from Thor and maybe Banner (who I love but has some serious problems).
Cap’s portrayal feels like a realistic internal culture clash but him kicking Bruce’s teeth out or demolishing Pym definitely pushed the line.


I felt like the characterisation of Cap justified it well given the events he was reacting to (Hulk’s mass-murder and Hank’s spousal abuse). It wasn’t regular-MU Cap but it fitted the version that we’d been introduced to by that point.

Movie-Cap feels a little bit closer to the regular-MU version to me in terms of characterisation - although the look is pure Hitch.


They were both horrible people, mate. Hell, how can you put Banner before Cap?
Cap did those things and I think that he had every reason


But he’s Captain America.

He’s an ideal and he should be above that. What worked was that he wasn’t, that underneath all the super soldier stuff he was a guy who would get mad and cross a line occasionally.

But when I read those scenes I didn’t approve of what he did, although I understood why he did perfectly.