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Avengers: Infinity War to film in Scotland


Makes sense. Thanos looks like he’s from Ayrshire!



Don’t worry, Begbie will sort him out.


The Avengers have previous up there:


This is from the opening scene, high above Edinburgh:



Weird, off-hand mention of Liv Tyler in the cast list there.


More elves?


Either that or someone’s blowing up an asteroid.


Guess Betty Ross is going to give it one more try.


Love Scottish landscapes - a bit hilly.

Several folks have been keeping the conversation going about filming in Colorado. Lots of folks do not understand subsidies, and ahow a film company can pump money in to an economy. Absurd, but there it is. (And why the shots of the family driving to the Overlook were shot in Oregon for The Shining.)


All they need then is add the Big Yin to the cast so he can put the heid on Thanos.


Will we see Thanos on the rampage in Hillhead? I hope bits of Glasgow are recognisable in the film. The only good bit in World War Z was the George Square scene


If the locations are half as gorgeous as Skyfall, I’m all-in. Of course, I’d be all-in with an Avengers movie anyway, so I guess I’m being anti-climactic. :stuck_out_tongue: