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Avengers: Infinity War SPOILER Thread


If Galactus is the next obvious “big” threat, it is also obvious that the MCU should use the Ultimate Universe version of Galactus — a horde of sentient ships rather than a giant humanoid. Since most of the MCU has been inspired by the Ultimate U already, it makes sense to use Warren Ellis’ Gah Lak Tus as the next cinematic Marvel villain.


As correct there as you are, the thought of another cgi armada has me feeling the opposite of excited.


Yeah… no thanks.


If they do bring the mutants into the movies I could see them building up to Avengers vs X-Men. Meanwhile, Doom is gradually established as being up to some serious shit and that leads to another big team-up effort. Then it turns out that Doom was right and was planning to stop Galactus or Beyonder and that becomes the third big team-up effort for the future phases.


I liked the build-up in the Ultimate Galactus Trilogy, but ultimately it was anticlimactic and the story just fell flat at the end. I don’t know how you’d solve that without reverting to Galactus as a single entity rather than an Ellis-style hivemind.


Create an individual that can stand apart as leader of the hive mind, maybe? Like the borg queen.


Then you’re pretty much doing traditional Galactus plus a load of drones, aren’t you?

The Borg queen never really made sense to me with what I know of the Borg, but it certainly helped to give First Contact a single main baddie.


No, they can only top Thanos with one thing:


Because that’ll allow them to have any retired cast back for a one-off later on, if they feel the need =P


I think it’s very unlikely that Marvel would use anything except a classic Galactus.

Either that, or they wont use the character at all.


I could see them pulling off Galactus as a giant, hundreds or even thousands of feet tall, by presenting him seated in a throne-like control seat at the heart of a massive space ship, which is, in turn, surrounded by some kind of planet-killing cloud, similar to V’Ger or Gah-Lak-Tus.

The characters would never fight with the giant directly, instead either battling his minions like Silver Surfer, Terrax, Firelord, Beta Ray Bill, and Fallen One. Galactus would be defeated by destroying or crippling his ship.


I’d be surprised if they went near this idea after the similar approach in the second FF movie.


I would like it if they got Doctor Doom as the next big villain, something less cosmic and overpowered than Thanos. A bit more down to Earth.


I can actually see Doom being a distributed consciousness, working through Doombot avatars. Perfect for baiting and switching and creating the illusion of villain deaths at the beginning of the new meta narrative.


That reminds me a bit of Ultron.

When you have Thanos kill half of all life in the universe, Galactus threatening Earth seems a bit banal.


I think trying to make the threat bigger risks straying into absurdism. Maybe a villain who wants to kill 75 % of all life in the universe.

So that is why I think Doctor Doom would work. An intellectual rather than a powerhouse.


I have to admit I’m really skeptical about making Doom work on the big screen. He should be as great as Vader or Voldemort but I think he’ll be very difficult to get right.

Kang is a great idea - having the heroes scattered thru time would make for a fun couple of hours.


Ultron doesn’t have the subtlety I’d see for Doom. Make him all about Latveria, using aggressive influence to keep it safe, especially after Sovokia. (sp)

He wouldn’t be a contemporary with Reed though, unless they go with a young FF.


Well I recon the creation of Sokovia might be (or could be at the very least) a “soft-preparing” of sorts for Doom… After AoU, and all that devastation, the terrain is ripe for a crazy “king” to emerge and change the name to Latveria and all… =P


I think Doom would work in the MCU, but they’ll need stick close to the comics, updating things where necessary.

The depiction of Doom failed in the previous FF films because they changed too much of his history and MO. Like the FF, there’s a fairly narrow window of what works and what doesn’t, which is why I am generally a proponent of a 1960s FF (and DD) that eventually gets displaced to the current era.


They can also do some version of Annihilation and build up a cosmic movie team-up as well as an Earth-based event. They’ve established a hell of a lot of the cosmic characters now and all-out cosmic war is prime movie material.