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Avengers: Infinity War SPOILER Thread


No… Rocket is not Groot’s dad… that’s just a bunch of BS… u_u


He’s adopted.


I feel like this encapsulates the film, as well. It’s very effectively made, but so much of what elevates it is the payoffs from the other films, whether plotlines or character relationships.


Wait till the end of A4, when Tony and Cap finally reunite, both go on some self-sacrifice mission to save the day but then Cap sends Tony back home at the last minute and tells him to enjoy the first dance at his wedding.


The amount of Avengers 4 promotion happening already on my newsfeed is insane - Marvel is pushing about 2 new stories a day it seems and have turned basic and standard reshoots into what seems like a massive publicity stunt. I suppose they still have quite a while to go without content being released but they are going to market this more than any film has ever been marketed looks like.

It looks like their return on 800 million for both movies is going to be over 3 billion in profit, not including merchandise, then can afford to promote like crazy.


The figures for profits are hard to calculate and closely guarded secrets.

But… if the rule of thumb of 3 x production costs to break even then $4bn combined box office is a health $1.5bn at least in profit.



Yeah Steve is right. The studios give budgets but never marketing costs, the cinemas keep roughly 50% of the box office gross. So that’s where the 2.5 - 3 times the budget estimate comes from, you need to make at least double because of the cinema take and then the rest covers other miscellaneous costs for marketing, including jetting your cast around the world to Premieres etc.

That’s before the ‘long tail’ of course with DVD/Streaming/Broadcast, these movies will keep making money essentially forever although the take will decrease every year.


Yeah, that’s what I’m getting at, I should have been clearer when talking about profit. Based on the budget range we think they both cost to make (just focusing on only that) Marvel can afford to spend maybe even more than they’d planned on promoting the next one, and certainly more than it does on its other movies.


well, in my mind, even getting a measly million in profits would already be a win… I mean, it’s still a fuckin’ million dollars… :smile:

But when you up that to anywhere in between half a billion and a billion (or more), that’s like freakin’ insane…


Not sure that it’s art, technically.

The definition of art is a very difficult matter, and there are different concepts of what it is at work in this discussion…

But I am pretty sure that “elicits emotional response” is not a good definition. The corniest, tritest crap often gets a huge emotional response. Look at country music.


(Profit) projections; over by a dollar? Life is good. Under by a dollar? Put a gun in your mouth.
: Ari Gold


Does that exclude it from being art?

Art doesn’t have to be good art.


That’s what I meant by there being different implicit concepts of art in the discussion :slight_smile:

And no, it doesn’t exclude it. But it also doesn’t mean that eliciting emotional response makes sense as the defining factor of art.


I think we are probably getting focused on the art part and not the context of what @arjandirkse rjan was trying to say. Which was basically that AIW is a bit ‘throwaway’ and didn’t resonate on a deeper level. That too is subjective though.

For some, Country music resonates on a very deep level, even if its stadium country. AIW just blew a generation’s minds with something they’ve never seen before in Cinema - think of a time when the death of a character impacted you in your youth and times that by 20. This movie literally begins with a massive fan favourite having his neck snapped. I think we are pretty jaded but to kids and teenagers think about how this has affected them. They are literally debating the merits of whether Thanos is right or wrong. Thanos’ motivation is one that has incredibly deep resonance with society.

I don’t know where I’m going with this :joy:

I just think as comic book fans we are very lucky to live in a time where we are getting movies like this, they’re better and more meaningful than we could have even dreamed of 10 years ago and I hate seeing that forgotten and something like this taken for granted.

We literally watched the infinity gauntlet get used in a movie that was not cheesy or banal. To me that alone is incredible and I’m over the moon about it.


I’d say IW is great entertainment with occasional depth. It plays with and subverts many of the expectation the audience had, which raises it above a lot of superhero movies.

If you’re talking about superhero movies, sure. But if you’re thinking about movies in general, it still mostly plays by familiar rules. The unexpected is always just a slight variation by breaking the rules of what we expect in the patterns of these movies.

I think I was fifteen when I saw A Clockwork Orange for the first time. Now that was mindblowing, and something I had never seen before.

I am very happy to live in a time in which we get such fantastic Marvel movies, but they’re not the best that movies have to offer, nor will they ever be. They may, however, be the most fun we can have at the movies.


I’m definitely not saying that. Everything has been downhill since Hackers.




Of course it is, I was just speaking for myself. Other people have other opinions.


Is it art???

Nick Pitarra has an opinion.

What’s his tagline? “Art Is Learnable”.

He never says it can be defined.


I think the only possible definition for what art is, is every single creative endeavour. Defining “high art” or art that is “good” or profound is impossible. It is up to every person’s subjective experience.