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Avengers: Infinity War SPOILER Thread


Infinity War is art. It’s full of art. I think the difference is looking for a very particular type of art, one that speaks about the human condition. To say that Marvel don’t make art with their huge budgets isn’t really accurate.


That’s true. And they both are standouts in their style as far as a lot of people are concerned so it to have this variety in story telling in what are essentially big budget science fiction movies is a good thing in my view.


Absolutely agree!


It’s a pop thrill, and not as good a Ragnarok. Technically it is art but it doesn’t leave a lasting impression.


It has for many people though. It’s made a significant cultural impact, too. It spawned a ridiculous amount of memes for a movie and there’s scenes in it that will stay with people their whole lives just as other movies have impacted us. We knew what was going to happen in that film, millions of viewers didn’t and had their mind blown.


Oh you’ll get no pushback from me in saying it’s not as good as Ragranok. The bulk of the movie didn’t leave much of a lasting impression, but that last scene was maybe the biggest movie moment of the year so far.


I’ve had several non-comic fans come up to me and say “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good.” I’d say that scene resonated with people.


Infinity is definitely better than Ragnarok! While I liked Ragnarok fine it was like watching a two hour SNL sketch.

Also, while I can be as snobby as they come, obviously the Marvel movies are art. Even if you don’t think they are, you’d have to agree that costume design is art, music, acting, set design, etc. Even if it’s done to service something that is more like a roller coaster than a Bergman film, it’s still art.


The idea of quoting Peter’s line to Stark is interesting because it’s not a great line. It’s a great payoff to a decade of world building.

The line itself is almost banal.

But if you’ve been with those characters on that journey… :tired_face:


That’s possibly the least interesting thing in the whole movie but also the most memorable. Holland’s Spider-Man is the most childish-sounding cinematic Spider-Man we’ve gotten to date, this was only his third appearance, and the “death” of a boy soldier is itself a visceral tragedy. Put evocative dialogue to it and it resonates.

It’s cheap storytelling and you can almost see MCU having planned it from his first appearance. But it clearly works, better than Gamora’s far more important big moment.


It’s kind of funny that for all the moaning about how many of the pre-MCU Spider-Man movies end depressingly with deaths and funerals, everybody suddenly loves the one where Spidey himself gets bumped off. :slight_smile:


I think it has more to do with it being unexpected. You could see Gamora’s death coming from a mile away. Where as Spiderman’s was totally a shock.


After they’ve killed Black Panther, you know that none of the deaths matter though. It might have been more convincing if they’d only shown c-listers like War Machine and Falcon go before they got to Spidey.


Not going to be perfectly balanced if Thanos only kills the shit characters no-one cares about.


This movie is anything but perfectly balanced. :sweat_smile:

Edit: I’m not complaining about who they killed, more that the order in which they showed them disintegrating didn’t really work for me.


One of those things my intern (Yeah, I had an intern, alas she has returned to school) told me over the summer was that she was so devastated by that line because it implied that Peter physically felt the effects of slipping from existance worse than everyone else because of his Spider Sense.


Groot’s death is much more sad than Spidey’s.


I agree it’s not a great movie… besides my obvious poroblems with it, the fact is, as a movie, it doesn’t quite work because it’s kind of a 2.5 hrs long middle act… it’s more of a TV episode than a proper movie.

That said, it works VERY well as what it is (whatever it is), and despite anything else, it is my personal favorite because of Thanos. Simple as that… but I wouldn’t say it’s the MCU’s best, at all…

Other than that, I don’t agree it’s not art… a lot of artists worked in it, and I’m sure a lot of them poured their hearts and souls in it, so that’s good enough for me… not every movie needs to be a pretentious boring snooze-fest that explores some deep human subject matter or something…

Oh, also fuck the oscars… they should’nt be a determining factor at this point.


It broke $2 billion. It worked in all the ways that mattered, and I think when the next movie is out and settled it’ll rank as one of the all time greats. People will watch them back to back like they do with LOTR.


Especially when you know what the “I AM GROOT” he says to Rocket means.