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Avengers: Infinity War SPOILER Thread


And even if it had served a purpose, it was just so… random.


much of infinity war was written without knowledge of Ragnarok so that is understandable. I think this is discussed in detail earlier in this threaad.


That was one of my favourite sections of the movie, in retrospect - partly because Dinklage is just so likeable.

It was a bit odd, a bit different… It felt like something new, in a movie stuffed full of ideas we were already familiar with.


I don’t think it’s random - I think it’s the plot of the second half of the movie. Tyrion made the gauntlet, but of course he mentions that he made two of them. You don’t throw in that line if it’s not going to play a part in however this story is going to be resolved. This isn’t like the comic, Thanos can’t lose because his glove was taken off - when they tried that Starlord screwed things up. From what I can tell the glove was damaged towards the end, so they’ll need a new one to repair what Thanos did.


Is the second gauntlet the one we saw in the first Thor movie?


Word of God (not sure who exactly) said it was a fake in an interview. Or ‘confirmed’ it was a fake, in line with clickbaitery article headlines.


According to Hela in Ragnarok, that one’s a fake.



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No, they showed the other gauntlet in his home after he made Thor the axe IIRC.


All the more reason to put that whole section in the second movie… I didn’t even remember there was a 2nd one :smile:


I rewatched AIW yesterday on my flight to Denver; I was pleased to discover that I loved it even more this time around, because I knew what to expect and could pay more attention to specifics. We can nitpick all day long, but the bottom line is that the Russos did an amazing job juggling two dozen heroes in a half dozen locations, all the while keeping the action flowing coherently with sufficient amounts of drama and humor.


So glad you’re vacationing here just now. Due to the drought, this week - early as it is - is the peak week for the leaves changing color! You’re in for a treat!


I liked it much better the second time. The first time I saw it, I dug it the first time, but there was so much going on I felt a bit overwhelmed. The second time around it felt a bit less kinetic and I could appreciate it more.


In the commentary, the writers and directors said Thor’s quest was there to convince audiences that this MUST be how Thanos will be defeated at the end of the movie—thereby surprising audiences all the more when it fails.

I’m not sure it entirely works, because I was never fooled. But that’s probably because I fully expected Thanos’ story to continue to the next film.


The audience I saw it with were fooled. They freaked out at the end. It was mostly teenage girls who lost their mind too. If someone had told me when I was in high school that some day they’d make a movie version of Infinity Gauntlet and that teen girls would be super invested in it I wouldn’t have believed it for a second.


Yeah kid me’s mind will be blown when I finally get back there to tell him about it.


Just don’t accidentally kill him.


Well I’m going back to protect him from future me so that would be a serious mission failure!


Looking back at this movie, I think it has its problems. It mostly delivers as an action piece but it isn’t really profound, it’s not a great movie by any stretch.

I wish when they make movies that cost hundreds of millions of dollars they tried to make art. They just seem to aim for entertainment.


If you spend hundreds of millions you expect to make even more hundreds of millions, if not billions. You don’t get that by making profound art, you get it by making entertainment. For better or worse, that’s how it goes. I certainly never expected an Avenger movie to be anything other than entertainment, though, so in that respect I was fully entertained.